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Mayor Lori Lightfoot said 'my d**k is bigger than yours ... I have the biggest d**k in Chicago' amid tirade over Columbus statue, lawsuit alleges
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Mayor Lori Lightfoot said 'my d**k is bigger than yours ... I have the biggest d**k in Chicago' amid tirade over Columbus statue, lawsuit alleges

Far-left Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot is accused in a lawsuit of berating a pair of Chicago Park District attorneys in 2021 over the city's controversial Christopher Columbus statue and telling the two men "my d**k is bigger than yours ... I have the biggest d**k in Chicago."

What's the background?

Lightfoot ordered the Columbus statue removed from Arrigo Park in 2020 after it was vandalized amid the George Floyd protests, the Chicago Sun-Times reported. The Joint Civic Committee of Italian Americans sued the Chicago Park District — which owns the statue — in an attempt to get it back in the park.

The lawsuit noted that the park district reached an agreement giving the Italian-American group temporary possession of the statue so it could be shown in the city's 2021 Columbus Day Parade.

But the lawsuit added that two days before the parade, Lightfoot told "a leading representative of the Italian American Community that the Columbus statue should not be shown in the Columbus Day parade, even for 20 minutes, and that unless he promised that the statue would not be in the parade she was going to pull the permit for the entire Columbus Day parade. The representative agreed and the statue was not used in the parade."

'I have the biggest d**k in Chicago'

The lawsuit also alleges that on the evening of Columbus Day, Lightfoot had a Zoom call with a number of officials, including park district general counsel Timothy King and the lawsuit's plaintiff, George Smyrniotis, then-deputy general counsel for the park district.

The suit said Lightfoot berated Smyrniotis and King, saying, "You d**ks, what the f*** were you thinking?” In addition, according to the suit, Lightfoot accused King and Smyrniotis of making “some kind of secret agreement with Italians, what you are doing, you are out there measuring your d**ks with the Italians seeing [who's] got the biggest d**k, you are out there stroking your d**ks over the Columbus statue, I am trying to keep Chicago Police officers from being shot, and you are trying to get them shot. My d**k is bigger than yours and the Italians, I have the biggest d**k in Chicago.”

Smyrniotis claims in the lawsuit that Lightfoot defamed him with “crude, insulting, false, and disrespectful statements," even asking him, “Where did you go to law school? Did you even go to law school? Do you even have a law license?” In addition, the lawsuit alleges that Lightfoot told Smyrniotis: “Get that f***ing statue back before noon tomorrow, or I am going to have you fired.”

In addition, Smyrniotis' suit claims he suffered a damaged reputation, was portrayed in a false light, suffered impairment of his ability to perform his job and great emotional distress, and that he was forced to resign last month. He's seeking monetary damages.


Ron Onesti, president of the Joint Civic Committee of Italian Americans, told the Chicago Sun-Times he's outraged by what Lightfoot is accused of saying in the lawsuit.

“I’m literally beside myself with amazement. Even though she’s shown signs of this type of behavior in the past, I can’t believe, number one, that she would talk to her attorneys this way. How do you talk to anybody this way?” Onesti wondered to the paper, adding that "it's offensive. We’re Chicagoans first. That’s our mayor. And our mayor is talking about her constituency that way. About an ethnic group that way. A very large ethnic group. There isn’t an ethnic group that deserves that kind of vulgar referencing. ... I’m astounded . . . It’s embarrassing, and it’s insensitive.”

The Sun-Times said Onesti demanded Lightfoot issue an immediate apology and that he had been “on the verge of demanding the mayor’s resignation."

“I’ve got to say it’s practically irreparable. That’s why I’m teetering on the apology issue. Because, for her to apologize — I mean, there is irreparable damage,” Onesti added to the paper.

What did the mayor's office have to say?

The mayor’s office had no comment on the lawsuit or on Onesti’s demand for an apology, the Sun-Times reported, adding that the city law department on Thursday added that it “has not yet been served with a complaint and will have no further comment as the matter is now in litigation.”

It wouldn't be the first time

This wouldn't be the first time that Lightfoot has gotten verbally nasty or profane in the heat of political battle.

Amid a spike in city violence in June 2020 following George Floyd's death, Lightfoot held a meeting with city officials, and Alderman Raymond Lopez (15th Ward) demanded she answer his concerns before Lightfoot told him, "I think you're 100% full of s**t."

But Lopez didn't back down: "F*** you, then. Who are you to tell me I'm full of s**t? Maybe you should come out and see what's going on."

Lightfoot replied that Lopez's comment was "the stupidest thing I have ever heard. I understand you want to preen." Lopez, however, was undeterred: "Mayor, you need to check your f***ing attitude. That's what you need to do."

In April 2020, amid lockdowns of non-essential businesses, Lightfoot got testy with reporters who questioned why she got a haircut when they were banned for everyone else: "I'm the public face of this city. I'm on national media, and I'm out in the public eye. I'm a person who, I take my personal hygiene very seriously. As I said, I felt like I needed to have a haircut. I'm not able to do that myself, so I got a haircut. You want to talk more about that?"

A bullying email Lightfoot sent to her then-scheduler in January 2021 — in which the mayor demanded more "office time" and repeated sentences over and over — actually drew comparisons to a creepy scene from iconic horror film "The Shining."

Oh, and in late May 2020 Lightfoot infamously directed an expletive — well, two letters anyway — at then-President Donald Trump for calling Minneapolis rioters "THUGS" and tweeting "when the looting starts, the shooting starts."

She added, "I will code what I really want to say to Donald Trump. It's two words. It begins with F, and it ends with U."

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