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Mike Rowe finds the fundamental problem with Democrats after watching their debate


"You can't ignore the human condition..."

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Former "Dirty Jobs" host Mike Rowe argued that Democratic policies were fundamentally opposed to the human condition after watching the fourth Democratic debate on Tuesday.

Rowe made the comments while on "Fox and Friends" Wednesday.

"They had two or three of the candidates saying get a thousand dollars because automation is here and you're not gonna be able to get a job, so let's give people a thousand dollars," said host Brian Kilmeade.

"Why not two thousand? What about three?" replied Rowe.

"Right, why not?" continued Kilmeade. "When you see people giving money away, what does it do for the self esteem when you get something for free?"

"You can't ignore the human condition," answered Rowe.

"We're fundamentally lazy people. We have to be taught, I think, to not be lazy," he explained.

"I'm just saying that if you give me a choice, and I don't see myself as lazy, but if you give me a choice of the easy way or the hard way, I can't help it, I'm going to default to the easy way," he said later in the segment.

Rowe argued that the complaint mirrored the criticism of the economy that said a five thousand dollar increase in family income was not enough.

"Once you say OK, free money, the next question has to be, why not more?" he continued. "And that's the beef with the five thousand dollar surge in the middle class right now, how do you argue against that? You simply say it's not big enough, why not ten?"

Rowe also chastised the Democrats for trying to demonize the rich during the debate, adding that many wealthy people are just making sane financial decisions.

Here's the video of Rowe's comments:

Mike Rowe talks 2020 Dems' wealth tax plans, new book

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