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Mike Rowe shares powerful, punching Veterans Day message: Zero 'trigger words' or safe spaces in military


He's not wrong

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Famous "Dirty Jobs" host Mike Rowe told "Fox & Friends" on Monday that there are no "safe spaces" or "trigger words" in the greatest military in the world — the U.S. armed forces.

To celebrate Veterans Day, Rowe told the story of a true American hero — one who didn't seek out safe spaces and was not easily offended by good, old-fashioned American values.

What are the details?

During the live interview, Rowe discussed U.S. veterans and the moving story of quadruple amputee Travis Mills.

“Is there a greater meritocracy in the world? Is there a better example of true diversity?" he asked. "The thing that I'm most proud about when I go to bases, when I visit with people, they are utterly colorblind. There's no conversation about 'trigger words.' There's no safe space. The military is not a safe space."

Referring to Mills, Rowe continued, "In the military, there's a set of rules, there's a different reality, and there's a different commonality."

Rowe said he met Mills — who had not an "ounce of self-pity" — almost a decade ago during a busy convention. During their conversation, Mills told Rowe that he and his fellow soldiers enjoyed watching "Dirty Jobs" together, Rowe recalled.

"In a heartbeat you go from put-upon, in a hurry, trying to take care of your stuff to saying, 'OK, let's cancel that, let's sit down,' and I talked to Travis for an hour," Rowe said.

Mills, who lives in Maine and operates a nonprofit organization helping veterans suffering from PTSD, "refused to quit," he continued.

"Some people hit the reset button to start their life over and some people get the reset button hit for them. And that was Travis. He just simply refused to quit," Rowe added.

What else?

Rowe also celebrated Mills on Memorial Day in 2014, penning a moving and viral Facebook post lauding Mills for his bravery and fortitude.

Glenn Beck also spoke with Mills in 2016, who said that there's no sense in dwelling in the past.

"Why would I want to live my life down and out, you know, dwelling on the past and angry, when I could be out there and changing people's perspective on life, letting them know, life goes on?" Mills said.

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