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MSNBC cancels shows of Zerlina Maxwell and Ayman Mohyeldin streaming on Peacock

Photo (left): Michael S. Schwartz/Getty Images; Photo (right): Riccardo Savi/Getty Images for Concordia Summit

MSNBC canceled online shows hosted by Zerlina Maxwell and Ayman Mohyeldin on the Peacock streaming network after about two years.

Maxwell was a Democratic activist and former campaign aide to Hillary Clinton before becoming one of the first streaming show anchors on Peacock. Her staff was informed about the decision by MSNBC President Rashida Jones on Wednesday, according to a source to Variety.

Mohyeldin will continue working on weekends for MSNBC and filling in as a guest host and Maxwell will also maintain some duties at the network.

Another show on the MSNBC streaming service proved to be a ratings failure in May when former Biden aide Symone Sanders garnered a disappointing viewer count in her first month as a news host.

In March, the network announced that it planned to rebrand its original programming on "The Choice" and rename it “MSNBC hub on Peacock,” while adding episodes of shows from its regular cable news channel.

Maxwell inspired anger after she claimed that only white people could have the "privilege" to worry about inflation while blacks and others were worried about being shot by the police on the way to work.

MSNBC's streaming service might be heading towards the same end as CNN+, the streaming service derided by critics on the right when it suddenly collapsed in April.

CNN media correspondent Brian Stelter was mocked when he claimed at the time that it was difficult to judge whether CNN+ was actually a failure for the cable news network.

"It's too early to know if this product or this service was a success or a failure," said Stelter. "You've got all the haters today saying this thing was a failure. I don't know if we can even ever assess that because it just simply didn't have enough time because of the management's change in direction."

Here's more about the death of CNN+:

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