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MSNBC host Joe Scarborough begs forgiveness from Jesus 'for ever being a Republican'


The former GOP congressman left the party two years ago

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MSNBC host and former GOP congressman Joe Scarborough publicly asked Jesus to forgive him "for ever being a Republican" on Wednesday, as lawmakers questioned former special counsel Robert Mueller at a congressional hearing.

What are the details?

Fox News reported that Scarborough was live-tweeting his reactions to the way Mueller was treated by Republicans during the hearing Wednesday morning, referring to their behavior as "disgusting" and "offensive."

The former representative from Florida added, "I'm not sure what the worse look is for Republicans, the screaming or the stupidity," before tweeting, "Jesus, forgive me for ever being a Republican."

Ahead of Mueller's testimony before the House Intel and Judiciary Committees, Scarborough accused Republicans of misrepresenting the findings of the special counsel's report and ignoring the fact that nine convictions were handed down to Trump affiliates through the investigation.

"It would be so much easier if these Republicans just wouldn't lie," Scarborough declared on his show, "Morning Joe." "Then we could have — I wouldn't have to say all of that, and humiliate them further that they are basically running cover for the most corrupt administration since the Nixon administration."

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What's the background?

Scarborough served four terms in the House of Representatives starting in 1994 before launching his media career, and was a Republican until 2017 when he officially left the party to become an independent.

The "Morning Joe" host and his liberal co-host (now wife), Mika Brzezinski, were previously close with President Donald Trump before he was elected, but had a falling out with the commander in chief and are now fervent critics of the president and his administration.

The Hill reported last year that "Morning Joe"— which has been on air for more than a decade — has devolved into show "where panelists rip into Trump on a daily basis."

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