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Muslim member of Human Rights Commission denies calls to resign after he called gays an 'abomination to the Human Race'


He says he is dedicated to the struggle for human rights

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The mayor of Virginia Beach, Virginia, is calling for a Muslim member of the Human Rights Commission to resign after anti-gay comments were unearthed.

Mayor Bobby Dyer said in a media briefing Friday that it was "no longer appropriate" for commissioner Kenick El to continue on the board.

El posted the comments to his personal Facebook account, which included referring to homosexuality as an "abomination to the Human Race," and also a mental illness.

He says that he will not resign, and that he will continue to serve for the sake of supporting human rights.

El also posted an article about a transgender person sexually abusing a child, and added a comment many found offensive to the LGBTQ community.

"This is why we need to stop giving men in dresses passes," he wrote.

"I have daughters and I won't accept them sharing a restroom with a grown man suffering from this mental illness," he added. "Men trying to be women and women trying to be men is really confusing our children and I'm tired of seeing this nonsense promoted to our children."

The LGBT Life Center in Virginia Beach has called for his ouster, and many, but not all, of the other commissioners have joined that demand. They are looking for ways to have El removed from the commission.

Here's a local news video about the story:

Majority of Virginia Beach city council agree it's 'no longer appropriate' for Human Rights Commissi

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