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'People died because of what the governor did': Rep. Jeff Van Drew demands probe into New Jersey COVID nursing home deaths


He said New Jersey's scandal was just as bad as New York's controversy

Rep. Jeff Van Drew (R-N.J.). Image Source: Van Dew YouTube screenshot

A New Jersey congressman is calling for an investigation into that state's scandal that mirrors the coronavirus nursing home controversy in New York.

Rep. Jeff Van Drew (R) said on Newsmax Wednesday that a probe into New Jersey nursing home deaths would be appropriate.

"Really, many of us never understood at the time why we would take people that are already debilitated, who are already somewhat sick, who already have problems, mix them with other people who are very weak and aren't doing well," said Van Drew.

"You know that you're gonna have issues if you do that, that's, even then we knew that much about COVID, and we know that much about diseases in general, and we know about the aging process," he added.

"So it always seemed like a bad idea, and it's strange how it happened, and people were very uncomfortable with it. And we saw that in the beginning, the huge number of deaths that we had in New Jersey, the majority of them were from that very situation," Van Drew continued.

"A lot of people died because of what the governor did," he said.

Van Drew said that many in New Jersey were wondering why New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) was being investigated but New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy (D) was not, despite giving the same order to house coronavirus patients in nursing homes.

On Tuesday, New Jersey Advance Media obtained a recording of a health official saying that "patients will die" as the result of the order given by Murphy in March 2020.

Van Drew has also made headlines when he released an audio recording of a columnist making threats against him over his decision to change from a Democrat to a Republican to support former President Donald Trump.

Here's the video of Van Drew's comments:

3.17.21 | Newsmax | Rep. Van Drew: NJ Nursing Home Deaths "Deserves a Thorough Investigation" www.youtube.com

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