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New book has a bombshell claim about obstruction charges — and Mueller demolished it with just 7 words


Looks like that bombshell was a dud

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A new book claimed that special counsel Robert Mueller drew up a draft indictment of President Donald Trump for obstruction, but a spokesman for Mueller obliterated the accusation in a curt statement.

Author Michael Wolff says that Mueller drew up a draft indictment of the president that included three charges of obstruction, and that the document was heavily debated by members of Mueller's office.

He claimed that he obtained the document from "sources close to the Office of the Special Counsel."

But as soon as that apparent bombshell dropped, it was dismantled by a rare statement from a spokesperson for Mueller.

"The documents that you have described do not exist," said Peter Carr to the Daily Caller.

Wolff has had remarkable access to the White House, but he has been criticized heavily for audacious claims in his previous Trump book, "Fire and Fury."

Democrats were disappointed when a redacted version of the Mueller report was released and Republicans used it to justify claims that Trump had not obstructed justice as many of his detractors claimed.

Trump's opponents in the Congress are now seeking to have Mueller testify about the claims in the report, hoping to prove that U.S. Attorney General William Barr lied in his summary of the document to Congress.

Wolff's book "Siege: Trump Under Fire," will be released in June.

Here's the latest of the book dud:

Mueller's office denies inflammatory allegation in Wolff's new book www.youtube.com

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