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Driver strikes pregnant mom, killing her. Doctors save baby, and the child's newborn photo shoot commands powerful message about DUI.



Image source: KABC-TV video screenshot

An allegedly intoxicated driver plowed into a 23-year-old pregnant woman in August, and the baby's newborn photo shoot has gone viral with a sobering message.

Doctors saved the child, named Adalyn, via emergency Cesarean section.

What's a brief history here?

As highlighted by ABC's "Good Morning America," Yesenia Aguilar was fatally struck by a vehicle operated by a purportedly intoxicated driver.

The accident took place Aug. 11 as the pregnant woman and her husband were walking hand-in-hand down an Anaheim, California, street. The driver, reportedly under the influence, jumped a curb and struck the woman head-on.

Aguilar was 35 weeks pregnant when the driver struck her.

First responders immediately transported Aguilar to a nearby hospital, where they pronounced her dead. They were able to save the young woman's child through emergency surgery. The child was named Adalyn Rose Alvarez-Aguilar.

Adalyn spent some time in the hospital following her urgent delivery and was placed in critical condition because of the crash.

The driver, Courtney Fritz Pandolfi, 40, was charged with one felony count of murder, one felony count of driving under the influence of drugs causing injury, and one misdemeanor count of driving on a suspended license.

Pandolfi pleaded not guilty to murder in September. She was previously convicted of driving under the influence of drugs in 2008, 2015, and 2016.

Pandolfi's bail is set at $3 million. She is due to appear in court on Dec. 11.

What about the photo shoot?

X&V Photography shared the portfolio on Facebook page on Sept. 30, where it went viral, and captioned it "DON'T DRIVE UNDER THE INFLUENCE."

A month before her death, Aguilar took part in a maternity shoot with the same photographer, Grisel Leyva, "Good Morning America" reported.

She told the outlet, "I want people to think three times — not twice, three times — before they get behind a wheel, because I feel like this little girl's life was completely torn apart."

'She's a blessing and a miracle'

Aguilar's husband, James Alvarez, said that the photo shoot was in honor of his late wife.

"My daughter, she's the last gift that my wife gave me, she's a blessing and a miracle," Alvarez said in a recent interview with "Good Morning America."

A GoFundMe account set up for the family raised more than $119,000 for the family.

Aguilar's husband, an employee at a law firm, was able to take off one year in order to care for his newborn daughter and heal their family. Alvarez said Adalyn is almost 2 months old now and doing well.

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