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Paris Hilton says Harvey Weinstein followed her into bathroom when she was 19, he hammered on door until security took him away

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Paris Hilton claimed that she was "scared" during an aggressive encounter with Harvey Weinstein in 2000.

Hilton said that in 2020 she was in France for the Cannes Film Festival. Hilton alleged that she met Weinstein when she was 19 years old.

"I was at lunch with my girlfriend and he came up to the table and was like, 'Oh, you want to be an actress?' And I said, 'Yeah, I really want to be in a movie,'" Hilton told Glamour UK.

The reality TV star said, "I was a teenager, so I was impressed by him. I was like, 'Oh my God, Harvey Weinstein is so cool!' And he said, 'Well, we should have a meeting. You can come up to my room and read scripts'… and I just didn’t want to go, so I never went."

However, Hilton had another chance encounter with Weinstein the next night at the amfAR (The Foundation for Aids Research) gala – which Weinstein was hosting.

"I went into the bathroom and then he followed me," Hilton alleged. "He tried to open the door, he was hammering on the door, banging on it. And I wouldn’t open it, because I was like, 'I'm in a stall, why do you want to come in here?' And I just wouldn't open it."

She added, "And security came and literally carried him away and he was like [shouting], 'This is my party,' going nuts. It scared me and freaked me out."

Hilton was asked if she had heard the rumors of Weinstein's behavior towards women.

"Yeah, and it was just someone so powerful in Hollywood who everyone was terrified of," she said. "I didn’t even want to say anything about it because I was like, ‘I don’t want people getting mad at me for saying anything,’ because it was just a known thing. He was just like that and people were like, 'OK, just turn a blind eye.'"

A representative for Weinstein denied the allegations.

"He had always treated Paris Hilton with the utmost respect and kindness, and always believed they had a cordial relationship," Weinstein's spokesperson told Variety. "There were many people at AmFar, and this is probably false. Unfortunately, Paris Hilton is trying to get in on the current news cycle using his name with yet another creative story. Too bad it’s all too convenient and seemingly popular to just say it without anything backing it up."

Weinstein is currently serving a 23-year prison sentence after being convicted in 2020 of rape and sexual assault in New York. Last week, the Hollywood producer was sentenced to 16 years in prison after being convicted on three counts of rape and sexual assault. Weinstein, who turns 71 next month, was ordered to serve the Los Angeles sentence after the New York sentence – effectively assuring that he will spend the rest of his life behind bars.

Also in the Glamour UK interview, Hilton revealed that she was drugged and raped when she was 16 years old. The celebrity and member of the Hilton hotel dynasty claimed that she met a group of older men at the Century City mall in Los Angeles.

"One day, they invited us to their house and we're drinking these berry wine coolers," Hilton told Glamour UK. "I didn’t drink or anything back then, but then when I had maybe one or two sips, I just immediately started feeling dizzy and woozy. I don’t know what he put in there, I’m assuming it was a roofie."

Paris said she woke up hours later and remembered, "I have visions of him on top of me, covering my mouth, being like, 'You’re dreaming, you’re dreaming,’ and whispering that in my ear."

She said that was her first sexual encounter.

When she was 15 years old, Hilton said that her teacher groomed her.

"I was just such a young girl and I got manipulated by my teacher," the hotel heiress said. "He took advantage of a young girl and that was something I blocked out as well, I didn’t remember it until years later. He would call me on the phone all the time, just flirting with me, trying to put in my mind that I was this mature woman."

Hilton said her teacher showed up at her home. She sat in his car with him until her parents arrived, and he sped away.

"We only kissed, but if my parents didn’t come, imagine what he would’ve tried to do. We literally drove through Bel-Air at like 100 miles an hour. We were going so fast and somehow we got away from them through a red light. He was freaking out and drove me back home to Bel-Air, where he was like, 'Get out.'"

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