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Openly gay pastor holds 'drag queen story hour' for children during worship service: 'Queerness is sacred'

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A newly ordained, openly gay Lutheran pastor is making headlines after dressing up to lead a drag queen story hour-style message for children during worship, the Post Millennial reported.

What are the details?

Pastor Aaron Musser recently dressed in full drag for the segment, wearing a long white dress emblazoned with a golden cross on its chest, a long blonde wig, and full makeup in order to lead the children's message.

The Chicago pastor began the message by asking the children if they'd ever seen a drag queen before.

The kids responded in the negative.

"I have an awesome story to share with you today," Musser said. "I am also a boy most of the time when I'm here, but today, I'm a girl."

Musser — who leads worship at St. Luke's Lutheran Church of Logan Square — went on to share the message and concluded the segment with prayer.

According to the report, an announcement on the church's page proclaimed the news of the event, noting that "Seminarian Aaron" would be "preaching in drag."

The message encouraged parishioners to "wear garments/accessories that make you feel 100%, like the best version of yourself."

Musser himself added, "The sixth Sunday of advent is rejoice Sunday. It's a chance for us to rehearse what a life of joy could look like. It's a dress rehearsal. Preaching in drag is a theological reflection on joy: Joy overflows so abundantly, it can't help but make itself known. Weaving together the day's theme, queer theory, and lectionary texts, we will 'dress rehearse' for joy."

What else?

The outlet reported that on his own page, Musser has prided himself on incorporating what he refers to as "queerness" into his Christian ministry.

"Queer sexualities, gender identities, and gender expressions outpoor [sic] from the depths of our being. We are who we are. And we can articulate our truth," he said according to the report.

"Queerness is sacred," he added and said that "certain straights don't believe that we speak truth."

Musser, who is apparently anti-Republican, even took a foray into political interests and added, "If you vote red, you vote against me and my rights."

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