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'It's nonsense': Piers Morgan blasts policy replacing 'breastfeeding' with 'chestfeeding' in transgender-inclusive effort at UK hospital
Image source: Twitter video screenshot via @GMB

'It's nonsense': Piers Morgan blasts policy replacing 'breastfeeding' with 'chestfeeding' in transgender-inclusive effort at UK hospital

'This kind of PC-cop nonsense with the language ... it annoys people ... it doesn't bring you any inclusivity. It becomes exclusive; it alienates people.'

UK talk-show host Piers Morgan tore into a transgender-inclusive policy that instructs midwives at one hospital to say "chestfeeding" instead of "breastfeeding" among other language changes.

What did he say?

Morgan — who's famously against political correctness — piped up on Wednesday's episode of "Good Morning Britain" to take issue with the story he saw reported on the front page of the Times.

"Midwives have been told to refer to 'chestfeeding' rather than 'breastfeeding' and replace the term 'mother' with 'birthing parent,'" Morgan said before reading a Twitter user's post that said, "I'm transgender myself, and Morgan is 100 percent correct. This isn't what the majority of transpeople ask for, and it hinders our rights, not helps us."

Morgan continued: "That's my point ... I want transgender people to have respect and dignity and equality. I don't think you get there by telling midwives to stop using the term 'breastfeeding' because it may upset a few people when 99% of the people in there are breastfeeding. It's nonsense, and this kind of PC-cop nonsense with the language ... it has the opposite effect to what you think it does. It annoys people ... it doesn't bring you any inclusivity. It becomes exclusive; it alienates people."

Here's the clip:

What else do we know about the policy?

According to the Times, Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust is the first in the country to formally implement such a policy for its maternity services department, which now will be called "perinatal services."

Staff also have to been told to replace "breastmilk" with the terms "human milk," "breast/chestmilk," or "milk from the feeding mother or parent," the paper said.

Other language changes include replacing "woman" with "woman or person" and "father" with "parent," "co-parent," or "second biological parent," depending on the circumstances, the Times reported.

What else has Morgan said?

Morgan is a classical liberal who highly values free speech and takes issue with those who try to squelch it — but he appears to have a special place in his heart for those who tout politically correct language.

In 2019, Morgan made big headlines when he lampooned the arrival of a gender-neutral penguin at London's Sea Life, which prompted the "Good Morning Britain" co-host to announce that he was now identifying as a "two-spirit penguin" — a reference to a "two-spirit person" as one of 100 genders.

Afterward, the UK's communications regulator got almost 1,000 complaints from viewers over Morgan's jab — but he was eventually cleared as the regulator, Ofcom, wouldn't investigate him.

Also in 2019, Morgan appeared on a Sunday program hosted by the Daily Wire's Ben Shapiro and ripped fellow liberals who've "become utterly, pathetically illiberal" and have embraced a "version of fascism."

And back in 2017 when violent, left-wing protests broke out over conservatives giving speeches on the campus of the University of California, Berkeley, leading the school to cancel conservative commentator and author Ann Coulter's speech over security concerns, Morgan hit back in a Daily Mail column saying that while Coulter is "a woman whose opinions I love to hate," UC Berkeley was way off base.

He wrote that the "truth about many modern liberals is that they don't believe in free speech at all" except "if people agree with them." He added that if liberals "don't like what they're hearing, they scream and shout, punch and kick, petrol bomb and stab, and furiously demand the offender be silenced and banned."

"This dramatic shift in liberal behavior from peaceful protest to violent hateful censorship is a vile, virulent virus that first infected vast swathes of America intelligentsia and has now spread across to my own country, Britain," Morgan added.

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