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Poll: Vast majority of Americans don't want a Trump vs Biden 2024 rematch


President Joe Biden insists that he will run for re-election in 2024. Former President Donald Trump, by all appearances, seems to be gearing up for a comeback campaign, too. But are most Americans looking forward to a 2020 presidential election rematch in 2024?

The answer, according to a new poll, is a resounding "no."

In an AP/NORC survey conducted over the past week, more than 70% of Americans said they do not want to either Biden or Trump's names on the ballot in three years.

Taking a look at Biden's numbers shows that only 29% of Americans want the president to seek a second term in the White House. That includes just 48% of U.S. adults that identified as Democrats — not even a majority of his own party wants him to run again.

Although Trump is slightly more popular within his own party than Biden is with Democrats, even fewer Americans — 27% — want Trump to make another run for president. A majority 56% of Republicans said they'd like to see Trump try again for the presidency.

But neither near-octogenarian — Trump is 75-years-old and will be 78 in 2024; Biden is 79 now and will be 82 in that same year — shows any indication that they'll take a pass on the election in three years.

Biden has told reporters several times that he will run for re-election if he's in good health. Most recently, during Wednesday's press conference, he said he'll run with Kamala Harris as his running mate.

That's somewhat expected. The last incumbent president to decline from seeking a second term was Lyndon B. Johnson, who served for six years after finishing President John F. Kennedy's term but dropped out of running for a full second term in 1968.

Trump, if he runs again and wins, would be only the second president in U.S. history to serve non-consecutive terms in office, the first being Grover Cleveland. While Trump has not overtly said he is running again, he's been dropping hints about his intentions for months and said in an interview with Fox News he is "going to make a lot of people happy" with his ultimate decision.

Given the results of this survey, his statement could go either way.

The AP/NORC poll was conducted between Jan. 13-18 and surveyed 1,161 U.S. adults online and in telephone interviews on both landlines and cell phones.

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