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PragerU visits climate change march, hilariously gets people to admit they think it's fair for women to stop having children to save the planet


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Image source: Facebook video screenshot

PragerU's Will Witt visited a climate change march in Los Angeles, and discussed the notion of pledging to stop having children until climate change is fixed.

What happened?

Witt approached people on the street and presented the outrageous option.

"Children are destroying the environment, they're coming into this world and eating food and driving cars and using emissions, so we are asking people to pledge to stop having children until climate change is solved," he explained to those on the street.

He approached a variety of demonstrators, who had varying opinions on the matter that ranged from appreciation to outright mania.

You can read some of the more interesting responses to Witt's question below.

  • I think this is a big deal, so I'm glad you guys are doing this.
  • As a woman to hear that, that you shouldn't breed, because it's natural, but I kind of agree with it in some ways. It's selfish to have kids in a way.
  • That's disrespectful to a woman. I feel disrespected by it.
  • Yesterday I delivered a vegan baby! ... A sustainable baby!
  • We don't need regulations on abortions, we need regulations on emissions.
  • We don't need any more unmindful children on the planet, I think we need conscious children.
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