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Pro-life leftist creates bold TV ad exposing 'brutality of abortion,' runs for president to make sure it airs
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Pro-life leftist creates bold TV ad exposing 'brutality of abortion,' runs for president to make sure it airs

A self-described "secular progressive activist" from San Francisco who vehemently opposes abortion has taken two brave steps to forward the pro-life cause. First, she helped create a daring TV ad that exposes the "brutality of abortion," especially those performed late in pregnancy. Then, she exploited a legal loophole to ensure that TV producers wouldn't censor it: She decided to run for president.

Terrisa Bukovinac, the founder of Progressive Anti-Abortion Uprising — a group dedicated to "nonviolent civil disobedience in defense of the unborn and their parents" — first made headlines in March 2022, when she and fellow activist Lauren Handy claimed to have found the remains of more than 100 aborted babies, including five who were "either killed in partial-birth abortions, or left to die after birth," in a box marked "medical waste" outside the Washington Surgi-Center in Washington, D.C. The five mostly formed babies later became known as the "D.C. five."

"Pulling their broken bodies out of that box was one of the worst moments of my life," Bukovinac said on her campaign website.

Bukovinac and Handy transported the box to Handy's residence, where they began documenting their alleged discovery on film. They also began making arrangements to lay the babies to rest respectfully. They gave each of the 115 babies a name and, though PAAU touts strong "secular" beliefs, made sure each had "a funeral Mass" as well.

Despite their care for these victims of abortion and their radical activism on behalf of the unborn, Bukovinac and others in PAAU were already facing strong opposition, especially from Democrats. D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser, a Democrat, sidestepped calls to investigate possible crimes at the Washington Surgi-Center and instead accused Handy of engaging in "extremist anti-abortion activity."

Executive Assistant Chief of Police Ashan M. Benedict later stated that the babies in the box "were aborted in accordance with D.C. law." He then even hinted that investigators were looking into how the five fully-developed fetuses ended up in Handy's residence.

"There doesn’t seem to be anything criminal in nature right now about that, except for how they got into this house," he said.

As recently as September, the DCPD told Breitbart News that the investigation into "the circumstances surrounding the discovery of five fetuses in a residence" remained "open." "At this time, there is no investigation into the medical provider," the department said.

But Bukovinac and the rest of PAAU were not deterred. Tired of having no pro-life representation in the Democratic Party, Bukovinac decided to take the lead and launched a campaign for president as a pro-life Democrat. "I’m running to ensure the pro-life Democrats have a future in politics," she declared on her website, Terrisa for President 2024.

Bukovinac seems to harbor sincere beliefs, many of which would likely make conservatives recoil in horror. She supports immigration and racial "justice," as well as the "abolition" of prisons. She also partly blames the "exploitative capitalist system" for the tragedy of abortion. Still, she strongly rails against "the Abortion Industrial Complex," and her pro-life radicalism may make her an attractive candidate for some Christians and other conservatives.

She also has almost no chance of winning her party's nomination for president, which makes her campaign seem like a waste of time and resources. But on her website and in some social media posts, Bukovinac has indicated that her campaign may not be about winning the nomination at all but rather about ensuring that the footage of the D.C. five can reach the masses.

Bukovinac created a powerful albeit graphic campaign ad, featuring the D.C. five, to "disrupt the consciences of the American people" and expose what she calls "the brutality of abortion," particularly "later abortion." She then submitted the ad to be aired in the Boston/New Hampshire market during "The Jimmy Fallon Show" on NBC. And since all stations with an FCC license must run the ads of federal candidates, Bukovinac has taken advantage of a federal law to ensure her pro-life work won't be silenced.

"As a federal presidential candidate, I can amplify our message," she proudly boasts on her website.

On Monday, she tweeted a similar message. "The shameless censorship of pro-life views are why I'm running for President because as a federal candidate my ads cannot be censored!" she wrote to promote the ad.

The following is a video of Bukovinac's appearance on the Christian Broadcasting Network two years ago:

Atheists and Progressives Join the Pro-Life Movementwww.youtube.com

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