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Pro-Palestinian leftists crash Democrat Christmas party, leave woman with 2 black eyes: 'Them Arabs ... tried to kill me!'
Composite screenshot of @Th_Midwesterner X video (pictured: Bobbie Avington-Johnson)

Pro-Palestinian leftists crash Democrat Christmas party, leave woman with 2 black eyes: 'Them Arabs ... tried to kill me!'

Some Democrats in Detroit were recently ambushed during an otherwise peaceful Christmas party, and the perpetrators of the violence were pro-Palestinian agitators who often align themselves with Democrat causes.

Last Saturday evening, approximately 200 people gathered at the Common Pub in Detroit for a holiday party hosted by the 13th Congressional District Democratic Party. The congressional representative from the district, Shri Thanedar — a staunch Democrat who supports the Green New Deal and many restrictions on gun rights — was in attendance, as were other high-profile area Democrats, including Wayne County Commissioner Jonathan C. Kinloch and Bobbie Avington-Johnson, described by several outlets as an "activist" for the black "community."

For a while, everyone seemed to be having a good time, eating and drinking while soulful Christmas carols played in the background. But their tranquil evening came to an abrupt end when dozens of members of the Palestinian Youth Movement and Party for Socialism and Liberation stormed the establishment, aggressively confronted the party-goers about their supposed support for Israel, and demanded a ceasefire in the bloody Israel-Hamas conflict currently waging in the Middle East.

"Shri, do you believe in a free Palestine?" one female protestor asked the congressman. She then yelled, "Hey, Shri, you can't hide. We charge you with genocide!" prompting her comrades to chant along as well.

The mob didn't limit their disruptions to mere words though. They quickly began using physical force as well. Former Detroit Police Commissioner Bernice Smith, who is 91 years old, had to use her cane to ward off attackers.

Avington-Johnson, however, was not so lucky. During a particularly violent scuffle, she sustained several injuries to her face, resulting in a bloody nose and two black eyes. She then decided to livestream a video message documenting the attack and calling on "black men" to defend their communities more forcefully against hostile "Arabs."

"They're talking about ceasefire," she says to the camera while dabbing her mouth with a napkin or bathroom tissue. "It's time to come together. I need you, black men, you guys to stand the f*** up."

"Them Arabs in motherf***in' Detroit tried to kill me!"

Avington-Johnson had to be hospitalized for her injuries. She appears on camera at about the :45 mark in the video below:

Rep. Thanedar also reported that protestors later gathered outside his house and woke up his neighbors by yelling and honking car horns in the early hours of the morning. A video shared on social media by a user who describes herself as a "Palestinian-American human/civil rights attorney, activist & mom" supports that report:

At a joint press conference on Monday, area Democrats spoke out against the "rioters" who practically ruined their Christmas party.

Avington-Johnson, who was discharged from the hospital by that time, offered a more measured statement from the one she gave in the midst of the violence. "I live in a community that’s diverse," she said. "I do a lot of work in the Muslim community. ... Right now, a lot of us are going through a lot of things. Black people care about what’s happening over there. I have nothing against Muslims. I just don’t see why [they decided to protest] in Detroit."

Commissioner Kinloch was less conciliatory to the protestors. "They didn't have a right to be there, first and foremost," he said. "... The owner asked them to leave; I asked them to leave. They refused to leave so they were removed from a place where they had no business and no legal right to be in."

"This is not going to give you support for your cause," warned Rep. Thanedar, who once voted to label Israel an apartheid state while in the Michigan legislature but who has since adopted a strongly pro-Israel stance since being elected to Congress in 2022.

Thanedar even invited protestors to join him in his office or at a town hall meeting for a peaceful, constructive "dialogue" about their differences. But Sammie Lewis, who participated in the violent protest, does not seem interested in such a dialogue. In Lewis' view, the Democrats at the party that night were exacting "violence" on righteous activists as part of a larger "Zionist" conspiracy.

"We were met with violence for calling for an end to genocide," Lewis said, according to the Lansing City Pulse. "One part of our messaging is the Democrats are taking a page out of the Zionist book — they are essentially assaulting us and playing the victim."

"Our perspective is the older black people who are more conservative Democrats in the 13th District, they don't represent Detroit," Lewis added.

"They are bourgeoisie people who are complete traitors to the working class and the majority of black people who are struggling. They don’t represent the majority of black people in Detroit; they represent the system we’re fighting against."

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