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Progressive activist locks down her social media account after backlash from bizarre Putin tweet


She claimed that Putin was allowed to invade Ukraine because of white supremacy

Photo by Mikhail Svetlov/Getty Images

A progressive activist shut down her Twitter account after receiving an avalanche of laughter and criticism over her claim about Russian President Vladimir Putin being aided by white supremacy.

Janel Forsythe identified herself as a "communications specialist" for non-profit organizations and for progressive causes, but her tweet about Putin had some unintended consequences.

"This isn't discussed much, but Putin very much benefits from white privilege," Forsythe tweeted.

"I just can't see a scenario in which a Black or Brown man running Russia would be allowed to invade Ukraine with no devastating consequences (see Crimea in 2014)," she added.

Screenshots of the bizarre tweet was circulated among those who were amazed by her claim.

Others took to social media to mock and ridicule Forsythe.

"Incredible. Just incredible," replied Jason Whitlock of Blaze Media.

"We found it guys. The absolute worst Ukraine take, among stiff competition," responded commentator Inez Stepman.

"It is a cult. It doesn’t make sense but it doesn’t have to make sense," read one tweet.

"She needs inpatient therapy for this level of schizophrenia and paranoia," said another detractor.

"Black Putin is the answer to our problems," joked one user.

Forsythe protected her account so that no one could read her tweets or respond to them.

Image source: Twitter screenshot

She also protected her Instagram account.

A full military invasion of Ukraine by Russian troops is expected after Putin announced that they were recognizing the independence of two regions where his troops have been present for many years. The U.S. and its allies have responded with economic and financial sanctions against Russia and its leaders.

On Wednesday, the Ukrainian parliament voted to drop its restrictive gun laws in order to encourage citizens to arm themselves and defend their country.

Here's more about the imminent invasion of Ukraine:

Ukraine set to declare a state of emergency as tensions ramp up with Russia www.youtube.com

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