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Psychological society says transgender children should be able to undergo sex reassignment surgery without parental permission


And without any kind of counseling, too

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The Australian Psychological ­Society says that transgender kids shouldn't need parents' permission for sex reassignment surgery, and adds that pre-transition counseling is likely an "unnecessary burden."

Details, please?

According to The Australian, members of the Australian Psychological Society — a 24,000-member strong organization — don't believe that children under the age of 16 should be required to get parental permission to have sex reassignment surgery.

The organization, however, said that the children must be able to demonstrate their competency in making such life-changing decisions as determined by a doctor.

The APS also determined that pre-surgical counseling is often an "unnecessary burden" on a child looking to switch genders.

The group has suggested that hospitals have the right to petition courts to change parents' minds if they are against their children's transition.

To overcome this, the body has suggested hospitals should have the right to petition courts as well as engage in "advocacy" to change the minds of parents. The group has also suggested that legal advice be made available to those children so they can effectively circumvent any need for parent approval and receive the treatment they desire.

Anything else?

MSN reports that the APS' position "comes from questions floated by the Tasmanian Law Reform Institute."

"They are in the process of reviewing legislation which allows teenagers over 16 to change their gender identity on their birth certificate," MSN adds.

The Australian adds that as recently as 2018, Family Court approval was needed for gender reassignment surgery on children, adding that "it would help an under-age ­patient suffering psychological distress about "being born in the wrong body.'"

"A [pediatrician] with more than two decades' experience said the brain's frontal lobe, crucial to complex decision-making, does not reach maturity until about the age of 25," the outlet warns.

The pediatrician — who remained unnamed for fear of bullying by transgender activists — told the outlet that "[young] people are making life-changing decisions about their bodies before their brains and cognitive function have fully matured."

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