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Video shows rioting protesters attack CNN camera crew for recording them destroying a Wendy's


'At that point, they got aggressive...'

Image source: CNN video screenshot

A CNN reporter and her camera crew were attacked late Saturday as they covered escalating protests in Atlanta after police shot and killed Rayshard Brooks in a Wendy's parking lot.

CNN correspondent Natasha Chen and her camera crew were videoing protesters as they broke windows and set fire to the Wendy's where Brooks was gunned down by police on Friday night. But the rioters apparently did not want their criminal actions to be caught on video.

Video shows protesters attack the camera crew. According to Chen, the rioters eventually broke CNN's camera.

"Our photojournalist, our producer, and I were trying to get video of what was happening, and there were protesters very angry that we were recording this and tried to block our cameras," Chen explained.

"At that point, they got aggressive and our CNN camera was broken," she added.

CNN host Wolf Blitzer, to whom Chen was speaking, describes the actions of the protesters as "very disturbing."

Chen said her crew was able to evaluate the area without injury.

Tensions boiled over Saturday after video of Brooks death circulated on social media. The police officer who shot and killed Brooks has already been fired. Atlanta Police Chief Erika Shields has also resigned.

The Georgia State Bureau of Investigation is handling the probe into Brooks's death.

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