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Self-proclaimed white supremacist viciously attacks female bartender, knocks her out — then it turns into an all-out brawl


A hard video to watch

Image source: Twitter video screenshot

A self-proclaimed white supremacist hauled off and punched a female bartender in the face after embarking on a bizarre rant on Friday in Nokomis, Florida.

He reportedly entered the restaurant and bar with his shorts half undone, making lewd comments to patrons inside before turning violent.

What happened?

The suspect, identified by police as Nicholas Arnold Schock, 36, was caught on video making racist remarks and threatening bar patrons at Pop's Sunset Grill before punching the female bartender.

In a now-viral video, Schock — a heavily tattooed man with what appears to be a crudely drawn swastika inked on his chest — can be heard yelling, "Aryan nation will rule all!"

"I'm a white supremacist. The Aryan nation will rule the world!" he can be heard shouting. "People covered in tattoos are going to be my closest relatives, I promise you!"

Witnesses told police that Schock also boasted about killing "n*****s," and threatened to "kill everyone in the establishment."

In the video, staff quickly tried to diffuse Schock's angry outburst, but he refused to be shut down.

He shouted, "I don't give a f***! Call Donald Trump, please. I'm not going nowhere! I will butt-f*** this b**** on the table right now!"

The waitress, identified as Kisha Biche, can be seen in the video approaching him, but he responded angrily, cocking his arm and slapping her in the face. According to The Herald Tribune, he then punched her in the face, immediately rendering her unconscious.

Several bar patrons can be seen rushing to the rescue, and pin down Schock until authorities arrive. While on the ground, Schock demanded staff "call [President Donald] Trump."

Authorities arrived on the scene a short time later, and took the suspect into custody. He was charged with one count of battery and one count of disturbing the peace.

The outlet also reported that Schock has amassed an extensive list of arrests dating back to 2000. Previous charges include possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of cocaine and alcohol for a person under 21, fleeing with law enforcement, resisting arrest without violence, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, and criminal mischief.

The suspect is being held in the Sarasota County Jail on $55,000 bail.

'He was immediately subdued'

In a statement, the restaurant said, "At approximately 3 p.m. Friday afternoon, a troubled 36-year-old male entered our premises and immediately began spewing erratic hate dialogue. We made every effort to remove him within minutes after his arrival while simultaneously speaking with 911 dispatch police officers."

"Unfortunately," the statement continued, "he violently attacked one of our staff. He was immediately subdued and held until the sheriff arrived."

The statement concluded, "We'd like to thank our community for their unparalleled support and empathy. Pop's Sunset Grill is grateful of the heroic efforts of our staff, owner, and customers that apprehended the individual within seconds of his violent assault of our brave bartender that stood between him and our customers in a protective mode."

A Gofundme page for Biche has amassed more than $6,300 in donations at the time of this writing. The page notes that the bartender suffered a concussion "as a result of a vicious, unprovoked attack."

(Content warning: Rough language):

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