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Sen. Ron Johnson and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. take on the 'COVID Cartel' in Jason Whitlock's new 'Fearless' special

Sen. Ron Johnson and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. take on the 'COVID Cartel' in Jason Whitlock's new 'Fearless' special

Jason Whitlock addressed the fallout of the vaccine mandate Tuesday in his special entitled, "The 'COVID Cartel' & the Price for Freedom | We Won't Comply."

In addition to considering some of the social, medical, spiritual, and legal consequences of the coercive and destructive measures that were recently brought to bear against the American people in the name of public health, Whitlock — joined by BlazeTV icon Steve Deace, host of "The Steve Deace Show" — discussed the weaponization of the corresponding biomedical state and the vaccination regime it has produced.

They spoke to Green Bay Packers Hall of Famer Ken Ruettgers; Dr. Joel Wallskog, a vaccine-injured board-certified orthopedic surgeon; former Navy SEAL Stephen Kaplan; NBA legend John Stockton; former ESPN producer Beth Faber; former NBA referee Ken Mauer; Nick Rolovich, former head coach of WSU football; and former MLB player Chris Singleton.

These guests shared a multitude of penetrating insights over the course of the three-hour-plus special.

Whitlock and Deace also spoke to Robert F. Kennedy Jr., founder and chairman for Children's Health Defense, and Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.), who both detailed the systemic virus that has survived the pandemic along with the patriot cure.

Kennedy on the sleep-marching mob

Kennedy discussed the censorship regime and those purported liberal thinkers and institutions that got swept up into it during the pandemic, often at the expense of dissenters, critical thought, and free speech. He also bemoaned America's swift and uncritical descent into medical authoritarianism in what he reckoned has amounted to a nationwide Milgram experiment.

The Milgram experiment was conducted in the 1960s by Yale University psychologist Stanley Milgram to test people's willingness to obey orders from an authority figure — a study Kennedy suggested proved fruitful as a takeaway for the CIA when it came time to overthrow governments across the globe.

The vast majority of participants in the experiment dutifully obeyed the seeming authority figure, thereby agreeing to electrocute a stranger, despite knowing it was morally wrong.

"We've got Anthony Fauci in his white lab coat telling people, 'It's okay to get rid of jury trials,' which they did. ... 'It's okay to suppress free speech.' We all know better than that. 'It's okay to close every church in our country for a year.' We know you can't do that. There's no pandemic exception in the United States Constitution," said Kennedy, noting that the Founders knew all about pandemics, having experienced two during the Revolutionary War.

Kennedy underscored that the good news gleaned from the Milgram experiment is that "33% of the people that Milgram recruited got up and walked out. The people [that Whitlock had on his special] are part of that 33%. There's Republicans in that 33%. There's Democrats in that 33%. And that's where the realignment is."

"I don't hold it against people ... who have been subjected to this propaganda psyop. ... And they're doing what they're told and they're trying to do the right thing — to obey the trusted authorities. And they're terrified and fear incapacitates you. So I don't blame them," said Kennedy. "Our job is ... to fight for them until they can wake up and start fighting for themselves."

Johnson on the predations of the pharmaceutical-industrial complex

In addition to railing against lockdowns early in the pandemic, Johnson has consistently amplified the voices of Americans adversely impacted by the vaccines. He previously hosted a forum for those with vaccine injuries after receiving a call from another one of Whitlock's panelists, Ken Ruettgers, whose wife suffered a neurological injury post-vaccination.

"There is an enormous and pervasive state of denial in this country," said Johnson. "People don't want to admit that they're wrong."

According to Johnson, those who are wrong but who have not come around to admitting as much are: "the federal health agencies that shut down our economy, unlike Sweden; people that not only ignored early treatment but sabotaged it with almost a maniacal focus solely on vaccines, vaccines, vaccines; the people that pushed these vaccines even though their own safety systems were screaming at them, 'Maybe slow down, maybe exercise some caution here'; [and those who] forced it on individuals, mandated it."

"Nobody wants to admit that something they recommended might have killed somebody or permanently disabled them ... or created these neurological problems or creating all these sports injuries. The bottom line is that we have a large segment of the population — I would say more than a majority — [who] are just simply in a state of denial," added the senator.

With that sustained denial is an apparent commitment to emergency measures and questionable health protocols.

A December I&I/TIPP Poll revealed that 56% of Democrats still reckon masking kids under the age of 5 is a good idea, even though the science is clear that children are at relatively low risk of serious harm from the virus.

As recently as last January, the supermajority of Democrats polled supported vaccine mandates, with 59% of Democratic voters favoring the confinement and isolation of the unvaccinated.

Extra to the members of the general public still captive to pandemic fears, Johnson suggested that medical establishment figures and the state institutions with whom they've coordinated "have so mishandled this pandemic in general ... they can't afford to be proven wrong. They can't afford to be exposed."

Johnson told Whitlock, "You're going to see a real movement by the COVID cartel to blame ... long COVID. They'll do everything possible to make sure that the vaccines aren't to blame."

When pressed on who or what helms the "COVID Cartel" or the "pharmaceutical industrial complex" — which Johnson suggested shared similarities with the military-industrial complex once referenced in President Dwight D. Eisenhower's farewell address — the senator said, "The corrupting influence of big pharma."

"We probably should never have allowed them to advertise because that allowed them to capture the entire mainstream media and the social media giants," said Johnson, adding that the regulatory agencies are now similarly captive to big pharma.

While claiming pharmaceutical monoliths have wielded enormous influence over American society and politics during the pandemic, Johnson noted the Gates Foundation and the World Economic Forum, which he would previously have dismissed as nefarious forces, may similarly have had a hand in advancing a cure "that's worse than the disease."

Watch the entire special here:

FEARLESS Special: The ‘COVID Cartel’ & the Price for Freedom | We Won’t Comply | Ep 359youtu.be

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