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SFSU student association accuses Riley Gaines of spreading violence after her alleged attack by a male LGBT activist
Image source: YouTube video, Fox News - Screenshot

SFSU student association accuses Riley Gaines of spreading violence after her alleged attack by a male LGBT activist

Former NCAA swimmer Riley Gaines was reportedly assaulted by a man in a dress and mobbed by verbally abusive protesters after giving a speech on April 6 at San Francisco State University.
Rather than denounce the attacks and apparent extortion efforts by the mob of LGBT extremists, the university ultimately celebrated those responsible.
An SFSU student association has since gone one step further, accusing the esteemed, All-American athlete of spreading violence and hatred, calling for university administrators to "hold themselves accountable."

What's the background?

TheBlaze previously reported that Gaines discussed the invasion of female-only spaces by men at a Turning Point USA and Leadership Institute event last week. A man wearing a dress reportedly invaded the space and struck Gaines multiple times.
Prior to the attack, Gaines told SFSU students about her time competing in the women’s NCAA swimming championships against male athlete Lia Thomas, whom she claimed in a February interview had exposed his male genitalia in a women's locker room after a meet.

Footage taken by the student-run news outfit Golden Gate Xpress shows police escorting Gaines down a hallway and away from the hysterical mob, getting her to safety before additional attacks could be launched.

"Go the f*** home," "trans lives matter," "trans women are women," and "transphobic b****" were among the remarks those the university later characterized as "peaceful" screamed at the young female athlete.

Gaines was barricaded in the room for approximately three hours and was only able to leave campus after police threatened to arrest the remaining protesters.

Insult to injury

Following the incident, Jamillah Moore, vice president for student affairs and enrollment management at SFSU, issued a statement thanking students involved in the protest.

Moore first underscored in her statement that "the trans community is welcome and belongs at San Francisco State University."

Despite SFSU's alleged "diversity," Moore noted that "we may also find ourselves exposed to divergent views and even views we find personally abhorrent. These encounters have sometimes led to discord, anger, confrontation and fear. We must meet this moment and unite with a shared value of learning."

"Thank you to our students who participated peacefully in Thursday evening's event," added Moore.

Victim blaming

Karina Zamora, president of the Associated Students of SFSU, a nonprofit student organization at the university, issued a statement Monday, accusing Turning Point USA and Riley Gaines of spreading "hateful rhetoric" and promoting violence.
Zamora, who serves also as a pronoun-providing PAC co-chair with the San Francisco Young Democrats, claimed that the agitators in the hallways outside the event "followed the university's "Time, Place, and Manner (TPM) guidelines, but during the event, students protesting were coerced and given unwarranted warning cards threatening arrest if they violated the TPM policy."
"Though TPM was followed by protestors, I believe the 'enforcement' of TPM was weaponized to silence and threaten protesters and the presence of police was both excessive and uncalled for."
Police waited hours to intervene, during which time LGBT extremists and other protesters kept Gaines barricaded in a classroom.
According to Golden Gateway Express, the campus paper, officers waited until 11:36 p.m. to announce that those remaining in the building were unlawfully assembled and subject to possible arrest. It took eight officers creating a barrier and forging a pathway to the exit to get Gaines out safely.
No arrests were ultimately made, despite the earlier attack on Gaines.
Zamora denounced the "heavy police presence in response to peaceful protest, and the threat of arrest aimed towards students upholding the principles of 'social justice and positive change' by speaking out against discrimination and in support of trans people."
Noting that the "University administration has failed to uphold the principles our campus prides itself on," Zamora called on the university president, Lynn Mahoney, and her administration to "hold themselves accountable and host a community forum to hear how damaging these tactics have been to our student body."

No-nonsense All-American

Gaines responded on Twitter, writing, "All for sharing my lived experience of competing against a male and why its harmful to not have sex protected sports...At least we can agree that SFSU needs to hold themselves accountable."

The 23-year-old swim star previously stated, "The prisoners are running the asylum at SFSU...I was ambushed and physically hit twice by a man. This is proof that women need sex-protected spaces," adding that the vicious attack "only further assures me I'm doing something right. When they want you silent, speak louder."

Riley Gaines to Tucker: This does not deter me, this does not silence meyoutu.be

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