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Sierra Club ties white supremacy, the Derek Chauvin trial, and Ma'Khia Bryant 'murder' to climate change in rambling Earth Day post


Really connecting a lot of dots

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Much has been written and posted about social justice, white supremacy, racism, police corruption, and other topics favored by the woke left in the wake of a Minnesota jury finding former Minneapolis police Officer Derek Chauvin guilty Tuesday on all counts for the killing of George Floyd.

The verdict and the police shooting of knife-wielding Ma'Khia Bryant in Columbus, Ohio, dominated the national media and were all the rage for the activist left this week — a week that also included the secular left's favorite holiday, Earth Day.

So the radical green Sierra Club wasn't about to let the moment pass without connecting its enviro agenda to the tragedy-exploitation de jour. The far-left group was bound and determined to blame the "structures of oppression and white supremacy" for climate change.

What did the group say?

In a catch-as-catch-can, non sequitur-laden Earth Day post on the organization's website Thursday, Margaret Levin, the senior chapter director for the North Star Chapter in Minnesota, began by declaring the guilty verdict "is not justice" and lamenting the "murder" of Bryant at the hands of the cops.

The police, you see, are merely a function of the "structures of oppression and white supremacy" that have been "set up to exhaust, divide, and frighten us."

Naturally, the white supremacy that allegedly dominates American life and cripples the justice system must be stopped in order to ... protect the environment:

We will continue to work together with our partners to create communities where everyone can thrive, with clean air, water, and energy, and a stable and safe climate for all.

Environmental destruction requires us to believe that some people and communities are disposable, which leads to catastrophes like climate change and polluted air and water. These burdens are most heavily placed on Black, Brown, Indigenous, and Asian communities, as well as other communities of color. White supremacy is a necessary precondition for big polluters' agenda. To protect the planet, we must dismantle systemic racism wherever it exists. We must dismantle harmful police systems and replace them with real investments in people and communities.

Levin continued by pleading with readers to be "co-conspirators" with those who, while under the thumb of "police militarization and violence," have been calling on the government to defund the police. For Levin, this will allow for the promotion of "sustainability, not fossil fuels and pollution."

"[W]e will never achieve a planet where we all can thrive together without ending the threat of police violence," Levin claimed.

If we ever want to have a "livable planet for everyone," Levin concluded, we must start "with protecting Black people's lives from militarized police."

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