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State trooper secretly pays for elderly woman's tires. Here is the incredible moment she gets to thank him.



Image source: KHOU-TV video screenshot

A Texas state trooper is a hero — at least to a 92-year-old woman who was down on her luck and couldn't afford new tires for her vehicle.

What are the details?

According to KHOU-TV, Mary Summers visited Integrity Tires in Richmond, Texas, after picking up a nail in one of her tires.

Omar Oregueda, a mechanic, was assisting Summers and working on her vehicle when he noticed that all four tires on her vehicle were in irreparable shape.

"The tire on her vehicle wasn't repairable, and the other tires were shot," he said. "They were already completely destroyed."

Oregueda was forced to give Summers the bad news: New tires for her vehicle would set her back at least $600.

Summers said that there would be no way she could afford four new tires, and said that she could only pay for one.

Little did she know, a Texas trooper was seated nearby, and had been listening to the entire fretful exchange over the tires. Video surveillance of the incident shows the trooper walking up to the counter, and then leaving.

Oregueda, who apparently spoke to the trooper about the woman's tires, came back to Summers and said that all four of her tires would be replaced at no cost to her.

Summers recalled, "He said, 'They're paid for and everything.' And I said, 'Who paid for it?' And he said, 'The trooper that was in here.' And I can hardly talk about it now because I want to cry because he did that. And he did it, and he left."

Summers had just one regret: She wasn't able to properly thank the trooper.

What happened next?

KHOU revealed that it was able to track down the officer responsible for the show of goodwill — Texas DPS Trooper Drew Stoner.

Stoner told the station that he wasn't looking to be celebrated for the gesture.

"I'm thinking, 'What if she goes out on the road, and a tire goes out on her, kind of falls apart on her, and she's on the side of the road?'" Stoner recalled.

Summers was able to get her wish of thanking Stoner for his kindness, thanks to KHOU.

"I'm just so thankful for you," she said in a tearful reunion, "and I'm so proud. I'm proud to meet someone that has a heart that big. I just love you to death."

Oregueda also did something nice for Summers: Giving her an oil change for free.

“For a stranger to take care of another stranger like that ... let's all just take care of each other," Oregueda told the station. "That's what it's about."

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