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Street preacher attacked in Seattle's autonomous zone: 'Stop choking me!'
Image via Twitter @ElijahSchaffer screenshot

Street preacher attacked in Seattle's autonomous zone: 'Stop choking me!'

This doesn't look like the happy euphoria that people have been saying the CHAZ is

A street preacher entered the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone in Seattle, where his free speech was stifled, physically assaulted, and choked. Elijah Schaffer of BlazeTV, who is the host of the "Slightly Offens*ve" podcast, was reporting from the CHAZ on Saturday and captured some unnerving video.

The New York Times wrote an article about the CHAZ titled "Free Food, Free Speech and Free of Police: Inside Seattle's 'Autonomous Zone.'" However, speech may not be as free as advertised. Several people in the CHAZ demanded that the preacher be removed from the autonomous zone for speech about Christianity that offended them.

One activist in the CHAZ threatened the protester. In the video, a man wearing a red bandanna on his face can be heard telling the preacher, "You'll die out here bro. Do you wanna die out here?" The preacher responded, "Sin is worse than death."

The same people who protested police brutality in the past few weeks, especially chokeholds, were the same ones choking the preacher because he didn't obey their orders. The preacher screamed, "You're choking me!"

One person in the CHAZ didn't believe the street preacher should be expelled from the autonomous zone, and he was immediately called a "f***king Nazi sympathizer."

The man in the red bandanna screams at white people for "not being allies" in the Black Lives Matter movement.

The preacher attempted to go on a stage, but was not allowed. A woman with a microphone asked for "white people who have experience in security, and can maybe talk to this gentleman, it really isn't the job of the black people to handle this situation."

The woman asked the crowd to "will him out of here." She told the crowd, "So please think about him leaving."

A protester yelled, "TAKE HIS PANTS OFF!"

Several people wrestled the preacher to the ground when he went on a stage in the CHAZ and declared, "This is a Christian zone."

A man stole the preacher's speaker.

According to Andy Ngo, editor-at-large at The Post Millennial, "prominent Antifa militant in the Portland area," Luis Marquez, was at the autonomous zone.

"The only time we are heard is when we burn s*** down," the man in the video said. "And if white America doesn't want to get it right they're gonna see more burning, more looting."

At the border of the autonomous zone, a man was armed with a .50-caliber Desert Eagle.

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