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Sobbing teacher abruptly quits during heated school board meeting: 'I quit being a cog in a machine that tells me to push highly politicized agendas'

Image source: Twitter video screenshot

A Loudoun County, Virginia, teacher abruptly quit her job during a school board meeting after she railed against the teaching of critical race theory in public school classrooms.

A report from WUSA-TV detailed the tense environment at Tuesday night's school board meeting, noting that more than 150 people were scheduled to speak in person about "transgender policy, [the] new in-school mask mandate, vaccines, virtual learning, and critical race theory."

What are the details?

Laura Morris, a former fifth-grade teacher at Lucketts Elementary School in Leesburg, Virginia, quit in front of the Loudoun County School Board as she tearfully protested against controversial policies including CRT, transgender locker rooms, and more.

Sobbing, Morris said, "School board, I quit! I quit your politics. I quit your trainings and I quit being a cog in a machine that tells me to push highly politicized agendas on our most vulnerable constituents — the children. I will find employment elsewhere. I encourage all parents and staff in this country to flood the private schools."

According to the Daily Mail, Morris also slammed the school board's fixation on CRT lessons in schools.

"This summer I have struggled with the idea of returning to school, knowing that I'll be working yet again with a school division that, despite its shiny tech and flashy salary, promotes political ideologies that do not square with who I am as a believer in Christ," she added.

She also added that she was previously told during "so-called equity trainings that white, Christian, able-bodied females currently have the power in our schools and, quote, 'This has to change.'"

"Clearly, you have made your point," Morris added. "You no longer value me or many other teachers you have employed in this county. So since my contract outlines the power that you have over my employment in Loudoun County Public Schools, I thought it necessary to resign in front of you."

WUSA reporter Jess Arnold on Twitter shared video of the teacher's passionate testimony, captioning it, "Lots of impassioned arguments tonight from both sides. One of the most striking moments was this[.]"

"This @LCPSOffical teacher quit right in front of the board, b/c she said they're forcing her to 'push highly politicized agendas ... on children," Arnold added.

At the time of this reporting, video featuring Morris has been viewed more than 13,000 times.

What else?

Other parents chimed in during Tuesday night's remarks.

One said, "I'm a Christian mom, and I believe what God said — how he created us male and female. We respect everyone just as we should respect everybody, but I also am here to talk about HB, because now that boys and girls are allowed to mix bathrooms, my daughter might not be safe in any of those bathrooms."

"I do care about equity for all schoolchildren, and I believe if we protect transgender students and students of color, we protect all students, so we can make sure we have equity in our schools without taking away anything from anyone else," another added.

Another parent — who reportedly publicly identified themselves as transgender — said, "I'm encouraging you all to support policies that are inclusive of transgender students, and to show your support for transgender students, and to show your support for transgender students and transgender faculty. This isn't pseudoscience, this isn't some sort of ideology. This is people's lives. This is civil rights."

According to WUSA, "The board has recessed until Wednesday at 5:30 p.m., when it's scheduled to vote on the policy. Loudoun County parents speak out about transgender policy at a school board meeting."

In a statement on Morris's resignation, a spokesperson told the station, "LCPS does not comment on personnel matters."

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