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Ted Nugent farewell tour concert date canceled amid social media backlash

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Promoters canceled Ted Nugent's concert at an Alabama venue following a wave of social media backlash over the "Cat Scratch Fever" guitarist's political views, Rolling Stone reported Friday.

"Liars and haters drunk on stupid [are] incapable to debate me," Nugent tweeted Friday, including a link to an article in AL.com covering the canceled event.

Nugent was slated to appear at Avondale Brewing Co. in Birmingham July 18. When Red Mountain Entertainment made the announcement about his appearance on Monday, the venue's social media pages were inundated with comments expressing anger and disappointment about the booking, AL.com reported.

Thursday afternoon, the day before tickets were to go on sale, the venue announced the appearance had been canceled.

"We have heard the concerns of the Avondale community, which is so important to us, and in conjunction with our partners, we have taken the necessary steps to cancel the Ted Nugent concert scheduled for July 18," a post on the venue's Instagram Stories said, according to AL.com.

Nugent has been a vocal, longtime supporter of former President Trump and was a member of the National Rifle Association's board until he resigned in 2021.

Three weeks ago, the politically outspoken musician announced in an Instagram video that "Adios Mofo '23" would serve as his farewell tour.

"This will be my last tour ... Thank you, everybody, for an incredible musical dream. The musical dream will continue but I'm not going on tour anymore," Nugent said, joking about hotel rooms feeling like jails.

"I'm a political firestorm because I believe in the experiment of self-governance, and I'm gonna. That's how you live the American dream by demanding constitutional accountability from our elected employees."

"Well, that's radical," he joked. "You're d*** right it's radical. I'm radical. My music is radical. My attitude is radical. My middle finger is radical. My guitar tone is radical."

"The point is, if the American dream has a soundtrack ... this will be the greatest, most intense, tightest, most dynamic, outrageously fun tour of my life."

If Birmingham natives want to experience Nugent's last tour, however, they'll have to travel to another state to catch it.

Florida, Indiana, West Virginia, Kentucky, New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Illinois, New Jersey, Michigan, Texas, and Oklahoma are still on Nugent's "Adios Mofo '23: The Final Tour" list.

Nugent, 74, is not alone among seasoned rockers recently making headlines and taking hits for expressing controversial social and political views.
Paul Stanley, 69, co-founder of Kiss and creator of its iconic logo, posted a comment opposing the sexual transitioning of young children April 30, as TheBlaze reported. The next day, 68-year-old Dee Snider formerly of Twister Sister, tweeted about his support for Stanley's statement.
Stanley later clarified his statement, walking it back a bit. Meanwhile, San Francisco Pride announced it had ditched plans to use Twisted Sister's 'We're not gonna take it' as the organization's unofficial rallying cry.
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