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'Tell them to let me in': Annoyed Alyssa Milano asks for fans' help after illegal immigrant detention center turns her away


'Alyssa Milano,' she told an official, introducing herself. 'I'm an actress-activist'

Image source: Twitter video screenshot

Actress Alyssa Milano — who's made numerous headlines with her pro-choice activism — on Wednesday tried to enter a Florida illegal immigrant detention center on a "community visit" to inspect conditions and was turned away by officials. They said she needed to make an appointment, Newsweek reported.

Afterward an annoyed Milano posted a live video and sharply asked "all" her social media fans to "tell them to let me in":

She noted that it was her intention to return to the Homestead detention center near Miami on Thursday morning.

Milano also posted earlier videos of her and others attempting enter Homested. In one of them she shook the hand of an official and introduced herself: "Alyssa Milano. I'm an actress-activist."

A man with the group told officials they wanted to visit without warning in order to see normal conditions and not a sanitized version, Newsweek added.

More from the magazine:

Homestead is the biggest shelter for migrant children in the country, according to NPR and houses kids ranging in ages from 13 to 17. It was opened during former President Barack Obama's administration, closed and then reopened in March 2018. [...]

On Monday, Congressman Eric Swalwell met with protesters outside Homestead and told the Sun-Sentinel that the children were "cruelly confined" at the facility. He added that they belong with their families, not at Homestead. Federal officials have claimed most of the children crossed into the country without their relatives.

Here's a clip Milano posted immediately after she was turned away:

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