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Elon Musk 'super excited' about new Tesla plant in Mexico

Photo by Xiaolu Chu/Getty Images

A new vehicle assembly plant for Tesla will be built near Monterrey, Mexico, Elon Musk announced at an investor meeting, according to CNN.

Musk emphasized that the new plant is not displacing any workers or production, instead describing it as "supplemental."

“We’ll continue to expand production at all of our existing factories. So this is not moving output to anywhere, from anywhere. This is supplemental production," he said.

This adds to the company's list of existing factories in Fremont, California; Shanghai, China; Berlin, Germany; and Austin, Texas.

“We’re super excited about it,” adds Musk.

Tesla hopes to reach a goal of 20 million cars produced per year, after producing 1.36 million vehicles in 2022. However, the cost estimates to build the infrastructure required to reach that marker are somewhere between $150 and $175 billion.

“Maybe this total investment looks large,” said CFO Zachary Kirkhorn regarding the cost, adding, “I think it's quite small relative to our ambitions.”

Musk declined to answer questions about any new models of Teslas, stating, however, that he does not anticipate having more than 10 different models of the vehicles.

“We will have a proper sort of product event,” Musk said. “We’d be jumping the gun if we were to answer that question.”

In 2021, Musk commented on Ford making its electric vehicles in Mexico, saying it is "not obvious how this serves American taxpayers."

When responding to an electric vehicle news page, Musk responded by tagging the president's account, saying "(Ahem)."

When another user said "Tesla is the most American car out there!" Musk replied "Literally!"

The billionaire answered the call of President Biden a couple weeks before the production announcement, pledging to assist the United States with filling out its roster of electric car charging stations.

President Biden had pledged to build 500,000 charging stations in the country by 2030, but has reportedly only achieved 10% of the goal. With California pledging to eliminate the sale of gas cars by 2030, the state would need more than 1,000,000 charging stations to be able to supply the 5 million emissions-free vehicles it hopes to put on the road.

According to Reuters, there 20 auto assembly plants in Mexico apart from Tesla, including three General Motors plants, two Ford plants, and three plants for Stellantis, which builds Chrysler, Dodge, and Jeep automobiles. Ford's plant also makes its electric SUV model.

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