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Tiger Woods' ex-girlfriend sues for $30 million after she was allegedly taken to the airport for a fake vacation and told she was locked out of the house

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Tiger Woods' ex-girlfriend, Erica Herman, filed a complaint against Woods that claimed that a legal entity controlled by the golfer violated her tenancy agreement and owes her $30 million in damages.

Golf Digest reports that the complaint filed against Jupiter Island Irrevocable Homestead Trust, controlled by Woods, alleges that the entity violated the Florida Residential Landlord Tenant Act.

When the golf legend broke up with her, Herman says that “by trickery, agents of the Defendant convinced the Plaintiff to pack a suitcase for a short vacation and, when she arrived at the airport, they told her she had been locked out of her residence.”

Herman says she was told she was not allowed to return to the residence, the same address as Woods, and was confronted “without legal counsel to aid in her in this emotional moment, they utilized a lawyer to confront her with proposals to resolve the wrongdoing they were in the midst of committing.”

She also alleges that her belongings were removed and "misappropriated," as well as defamatory statements made about how she makes money.

"[The] Defendant's agents removed Plaintiff's personal belongings from her Residence and misappropriated in excess of $40,000 in cash that belonged to her, making scurrilous and defamatory allegations about how she obtained the money,” the complaint says.

The trust operated by Woods responded saying Herman's claims of an "oral tenancy agreement," with a supposed five years remaining, are irrelevant given the reality of the situation. The response says the departure is a simple break-up.

“In reality, Ms. Herman was invited to live in the Residence while she was in a relationship with her former boyfriend, Eldrick [Tiger] Woods, who continues to live in the Residence with his two children. After Mr. Woods recently terminated the relationship, Ms. Herman was advised that she was no longer welcome in the Residence.”

According to the recent court documents, on the cover sheet for Herman's complaint, she responded "yes" to the question “Does this case involve allegations of sexual abuse?"

However, in her October 2022 complaint, Herman responded with “no” to the same question.

"Tiger Woods is more creative than Spielberg after this plot," says Alejandro Avila, writer for Outkick.com.

"It’ll be an uphill battle for her without concrete rights to live at his mansion for FREE. An NDA plus Tiger’s roster of attorneys, good luck," he added.

Herman was employed as the general manager at Woods' restaurant, the Woods Jupiter.

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