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Trans actress is caught in viral video fighting a Trump supporter who was only posing with a Trump sign. He responds with kindness.


Talk about an overreaction

Image source: Facebook video screenshot

Transgender actress Indya Moore was caught on camera fighting with a Trump supporter in New York City.

The video has spread across the internet and features Moore scuffling with the supporter, who was posing with pro-Trump signage on a city sidewalk.

What are the details of the video?

Trump supporter Dion Cini was apparently standing on a New York City street across from Trump Tower with a sign promoting President Donald Trump's bid for re-election.

Actress Indya Moore, who stars on FX's "Pose," can be seen approaching Cini and shouting at him over the sign.

The sign read, "Re-elect Donald Trump, Keep America Great, 2020."

She began grabbing and stomping on the sign and can be heard shouting that she didn't want Trump supporters as fans of her show.

The two started to engage in a tug-of-war over the sign, neither willing to let their ends go.

Cini told the Daily Mail that he wasn't too worried about the sign, because he made it to be indestructible.

"The actor came over, started kicking a sign, and threw it to the ground," Cini, 50, told the outlet. "I let him continue to stomp on it. You can't really hurt it, I've had other people kick it before."

"When he tried to take it away, that's when I tried to stop him," Cini added.

It was at that point others belonging to Moore's party jumped into the fray in an apparent bid to diffuse the situation.

Moore attempted to knock Cini's hat off, but at that point, a member of the NYPD stepped in to de-escalate the fracas.

Cini told the outlet that he filed a police report in connection with the incident.

Cini shared the video of the incident on his Facebook page, where, at the time of this writing, it has amassed more than 895,000 views.

Cini told the Daily Mail that he doesn't even have an issue with Moore after the incident.

"I have no grievances with the actor," Cini insisted. "I just don't want to be robbed when I'm executing my first amendment rights."

"I don't know if I'm going to pursue anything further [against Moore]," he added. "In a perfect world, we can have a beer together."

Cini is a notable pro-Trump demonstrator who has made headlines for his demonstrations, which include repeatedly draping pro-Trump signage at Disney World and receiving a park ban as a result.

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