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'So…he’s talking about himself?': Canadian PM Justin Trudeau says there has been 'slippage' in democracies and nations have adopted 'slightly more authoritarian leaders'

David Kawai/Bloomberg via Getty Images

While speaking to members of the Ukrainian community in Canada on Friday, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau spoke of "slippage" in democracies across the globe, saying that nations have been embracing "slightly more authoritarian leaders."

Trudeau said that, "we see a bit of a slippage in our democracies," with nations "turning towards slightly more authoritarian leaders" and "allowing increasing misinformation" as well as "disinformation to be shared on social media, turning people against the values and the principles of democracies that are so strong."

The Canadian politician claimed that this "slippage over the years unfortunately emboldened" Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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As Russia invades the sovereign nation of Ukraine, brave Ukrainians have been fighting to defend their country against the Russian onslaught.

Last month Trudeau invoked emergency powers in a push to quash protests over COVID-19 restrictions.

People on social media aired their thoughts about Trudeau's comments.

Blaze TV's Sara Gonzales tweeted, "So…he’s talking about himself?"

"Nobody knows this better than him," Matt Walsh of the Daily Wire tweeted.

"The lack of self-awareness is shocking. #TrudeauTyranny," someone else tweeted.

"Pot meet kettle," another person tweeted.

"Have you looked in the mirror @JustinTrudeau?" someone else questioned.

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