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Trump brutally roasts Romney, complete with video flashback


The feud continues with a painful look back, and a burn to boot.

(Image source: YouTube screenshot)

On Saturday evening, President Trump fired back at Sen. Mitt Romney, part of the ongoing fallout and reaction to Romney stating he was "sickened" by the 'dishonesty" of the President.

Former governor and presidential candidate Mike Huckabee jumped on Romney on Friday afternoon, saying that what made him sick was the thought that Romney might have become president in 2016.

Trump built of the theme of dodging the Romney bullet (for Obama?) in 2012, tweeting a video showing Mitt's devastating loss, and Trump's devastating win in their respective runs.

If Romney "spent the same energy fighting Barack Obama as he does fighting Donald Trump," wrote Donald Trump, "he could have won the rade (maybe)!"

The video, attached to the tweet, is a painful look back for Romney and any Republican, followed by a painful look back for any Democrat tempted to gloat.


All around a solid roast, as the back-and-forth Tweet-slinging continues apace.

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