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Trump told me he wants to run again, says former acting national intelligence director Richard Grenell


'He's told me personally'

Graeme Sloan/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Former President Donald Trump wants to run for the presidency again in 2024, according to a top ally who served in multiple roles in his administration.

"He's told me personally, multiple times, that he does want to run again," said Richard Grenell, who served as the ambassador to Germany and acting director of national intelligence during the Trump administration, during an appearance on Newsmax Saturday night.

"We'll see if that holds and how that goes about," he added, noting there is a "long way to go."

The news comes as questions circulate about Trump's future plans after losing his re-election bid to Democratic President Joe Biden last November despite receiving the most votes ever for an incumbent candidate.

Trump has been keeping his cards close to his chest regarding what his next moves will be, though he has teased running again in 2024 and reportedly is considering the launch of a new political party, called the Patriot Party, in doing so.

Grenell quickly shot down the idea Saturday, saying, "No, we should not start the Patriot Party. We should work very hard on the Republican Party."

"Clearly, Donald Trump is a Republican and should run again as a Republican," he later added.

Far from offering specifics, in his first comments to reporters since leaving the White House on Jan. 20, Trump said Saturday, "We'll do something — but not just yet."

Though support for Trump among elected officials in the party has fractured a bit of late, especially in the wake of the deadly riot at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, his strong support among Republican voters has held rather firm.

Republican pollster Frank Luntz released results from a survey he conducted after the Capitol riot showing that 91% of GOP voters would still vote for Trump if a repeat election were to be held. The number went down considerably when respondents were asked about 2024, though 51% still suggested he run again.

The option, however, may be taken from him in short order.

After getting impeached for a second time by the Democratic-led House of Representatives for supposedly inciting the riot at the Capitol, Trump will now face a Senate impeachment trial and potentially a vote in the chamber that could bar him from running for office again.

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