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Two females voted homecoming king and queen; high school calls them 'homecoming royalty' to reinforce inclusivity
Image source: Milford (Ohio) Exempted Village Schools

Two females voted homecoming king and queen; high school calls them 'homecoming royalty' to reinforce inclusivity

A senior female student appeared on the ballot as one of the students eligible to be voted 'king'

An Ohio high school voted a pair of females homecoming king and queen — but they were crowned "homecoming royalty" at Friday's football game instead of king and queen to "ensure all students have the opportunity to feel included," Milford Exempted Village Schools noted on its Facebook page.

The district said Milford High School's senior class nominated a female student as among those in the running for homecoming king, and she ended up receiving the most votes from her classmates, the post said — which prompted the shift to the 'homecoming royalty' designation.

The homecoming royalty winners were Abbey Stropes and Trinity Miller, the post said.

Image source: Milford (Ohio) Exempted Village Schools

"Moving forward, Milford High School will not use the term 'king and queen' to refer to the two students who receive the highest votes from their peers," the post added. "They will be known this year and in the future as 'homecoming royalty.'"

What was the reaction?

Most of the comments on the Facebook post were positive: "So proud to be an alum of a school district that is stepping in the right direction towards being a truly inclusive community!" one commenter wrote.

But not everyone was down with the new format:

  • "You discriminated against the boys at your school by allowing this to happen!"
  • "It's not inclusion or fairness — they're both girls. Choose the girl with the most votes and the boy with the most votes. It's not really tough to navigate. You can respect the wishes of your students but you also have provide GUIDANCE. If two boys were elected King and King?? Oh, the uproar! Just be fair about it."
  • "Sad, sad day for Milford schools!!! King a female?? Does the quarterback wear a [tutu]???"
  • "Disgusting. Politically correct culture at it again! 'We do not tolerate...or perpetuate discrimination...' Except men and normalcy. To be fair to the students, sure...be more inclusive. This is not being inclusive; you excluded the point of appointing a Homecoming King and Queen. I WAS proud to be an alumnus, but seeing how this crap keeps getting worse, I keep thinking about moving to a more normal, conservative, like-minded school district. Godspeed."
  • "Yet another attack on the males. Alpha males, you need to rise up before you are all gone."

One commenter — who appeared to be a student and supported the winners — noted the following:

These lovely ladies happen to be a wonderful couple who happened to win the most votes for royalty.

Regardless of intent, couples are always voted in together. I'm just confused as to why it's OK for a male/female couple to win, but not any LGBTQ+ couples to win.

Our student body has always been loving and inclusive (for the most part). And it would be a shame for someone to be automatically out of the running for royalty just simply because they like the same sex.

Also, the boys had a chance to win; it just so happened that Abby got the most votes out of all of them. They're not being excluded; they just simply didn't get the votes.

I am so proud of my school and student body for opening up these opportunities for all students and for making a huge step in loving and supporting everyone. Go Eagles!

Anything else?

This isn't the first instance of such a shift from traditional high school homecoming festivities.

Brandon Allen, a gay student who calls himself the "Queen of Extra," was crowned "homecoming royalty" in a gender-neutral ceremony at White Station High School in Memphis, Tennessee, late last month.

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