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VIDEO: Iranian authorities attempt to burn Israeli flag — but 'karma' turns the tables all the way over

Image source: YouTube screenshot

Iranian journalist and activist Masih Alinejad reported Sunday that "authorities in the Islamic Republic attempted to burn the Israeli flag, as they usually do."

However, Alinejad took note that "this time karma got them, and they ended up burning themselves."

Here's the clip:

Iranian burns Israel flag then gets caught on fire.

Alinejad added on Twitter that "unlike the regime, ordinary Iranians increasingly refuse to burn or walk on Israeli and American flags."

Indeed, TheBlaze in January 2020 reported that when thousands of Iranians marched in the streets of Tehran calling for the resignation of Ayatollah Khamenei, most of them carefully walked around images of U.S. and Israeli flags painted on the ground.

How did folks react to the video?

While there's always plenty of anti-Israel sentiment to be found on social media — particularly amid reports of Palestinian casualties following Israel's retaliation against Hamas militants who fired rockets into Israel Monday — some folks who commented on the tweeted video weren't too sympathetic to the Iranian guy after his backside caught fire:

  • "When it comes to venting Islamic radical hate, taking everything to excess is the rule," one commenter said. "It can't just be a little handheld flag, it has to be a battalion banner. They can't just light a match or use a Bic, it has to be a bucketful of gasoline. They're idiots."
  • "Stupidity to the moon," another user observed.
  • "Is this a lost episode of The Three Stooges?" another commenter asked. "I think I see Curly, but where's Moe and Larry?"
  • "Did you notice a gust of wind came in just at the right time?" another user noted.
  • "He made an ash of himself," another commenter quipped.
  • "Don't mess with Israel," another user declared.
  • "Guess they didn't teach fire safety at terrorist school," another user offered. "Stop. Drop. Roll."
  • "I'll take my xenophobia extra crispy, thanks!" another commenter joked.
  • "Good thing they were wearing masks," another user noticed.

(H/T: The Daily Wire)

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