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VIDEO: LA news anchors take cover under desk as earthquake hits during live broadcast


This is really something to see. These local CBS anchors were live when a huge quake hit on Friday night.

(Image source: YouTube screenshot)

The earthquakes in California this week have been enormous. There was a huge 6.4 on July 4 that caused a lot of damage and occupied much of the news on the holiday despite the events in D.C.

Then on Friday an even bigger 7.1 hit. Saturday has been spent trying to assess the damage, and there have been photos and videos from both quakes to give people far from the shaking a sense of what it was like.

In one of the more interesting videos, two anchors at KCAL, the Los Angeles CBS station, were broadcasting live when the humongous 7.1 hit, and watching them react is gripping.

Juan Fernandez and Sara Donchey realize what's happening, become increasingly concerned, and finally cut to break so they can get beneath the desk. The station replayed the live moment, and that replay is what they shared online.

Earthquake Hits During Evening Newscast

If you are like me, and find the idea of earthquakes to be unsettling (so to speak), then this video is exactly how you've pictured the moment, as you realize the earth itself is in motion and you don't know how bad it will be, or how long it will last.

It's really quite a scene.

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