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Video: Man holds cowering home intruders at gunpoint, orders them to ground while calling police


'People are not taking this mess anymore'

Image source: WGHP-TV video screenshot

Stephen Routh took matters into his own hands after spotting a trio who'd broken into his parents' North Carolina home Sunday — and then put his feelings about the incident quite bluntly to WGHP-TV: "People are not taking this mess anymore."

Image source: WGHP-TV video screenshot

Indeed people aren't — and criminals continue to miss the loud-and-clear message.

What happened?

Routh watches over his parents' home in Asheboro, and he got a call about some unusual people on the property, the station said — so he went over to check things out.

Upon his arrival, WGHP reported, he saw three individuals trying to exit the back door.

And Routh greeted them — with a friend in hand to help him do the honors.

"As soon as they saw the big gun pointed at them, their hands went up," he told the station, which noted the moment was captured on cellphone video.

Image source: WGHP-TV video screenshot

Routh held the trio at gunpoint and ordered them to the ground while he spoke to 911 dispatchers, WGHP said.

'Thought they would just go in there and look around'

The suspects ransacked the inside of the home leaving glass shattered everywhere, the station said.

"It is a terrible mess," Routh added to WGHP, "all the drawers are screwed, cabinets drawers have been open, stuff thrown out, papers everywhere."

Image source: WGHP-TV video screenshot

The suspects took nothing of value before attempting to flee the scene, the station said, which confounded Routh regarding their intentions.

"They know this is not their home," he told WGHP. "They know they had no business in here, and they mentioned they just thought they would just go in there and look around."

Routh added to the station that things could've turned out worse but hopes criminals think twice, knowing there are armed people out there who won't hesitate to pull the trigger when necessary.

"There have been too many instances lately of home invasions ... where they get caught," he told WGHP. "And some people have been shot and killed, especially those home invasions … People are not taking this mess anymore."

Police are actively investigating the incident, the station added.

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