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Pentagon releases drone video from raid on ISIS leader's compound


More details were released in the death of the evil terrorist

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The Pentagon released on Wednesday drone footage from the U.S. military raid in northern Syria that resulted in the death of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

"These fighters opened fire on the aircraft, and what you see on the video is the actual response," said Gen. Kenneth McKenzie of U.S. Central Command at a media briefing from the Pentagon.

"With the assault force surrounding the compound, we repeatedly urged those inside to come out peacefully," he explained.

"Those that came out of the building were checked for weapons and explosives, and moved away from the immediate area. U.S. forces detained and later released the non-combatants, the group was treated humanely at all times and included eleven children," he added.

"Five ISIS members inside the compound presented a threat to the force. They did not respond to commands in Arabic to surrender, and they continued to threaten the force," McKenzie said. "They were then engaged by the raid force and killed, there were four women and one man."

McKenzie went on to say that U.S. forces discovered al-Baghdadi hiding in a tunnel after securing the compound.

"When capture at the hands of U.S. forces was imminent, al-Baghdadi detonated a bomb he wore, killing himself and two young children that were with him," he continued.

McKenzie noted that originally the military had believed that three children had died with al-Baghdadi, but they have since changed that appraisal to two children. He said that substantial documents and electronics were seized during the raid. Six ISIS members were killed.

The remains of the terror leader were disposed at sea within 24 hours of his suicide.

Here's the video of the raid:

Watch: Drone footage of military raid that killed Baghdadi

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