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VIDEO: Security drags pro-democracy lawmakers from Hong Kong legislature, block the doors in order to install pro-China leadership


Communists acting like communists

Pro-democracy lawmaker Eddie Chu is dragged off by security during a scuffle with pro-Beijing lawmakers at the Legislative Council on Monday in Hong Kong. (Photo by Anthony Kwan/Getty Images)

A just-released video from a pro-democracy organization opposed to Chinese communist rule shows security forces within the Hong Kong legislature forcibly removing pro-democracy lawmakers from the Hong Kong legislature Monday.

What's happening?

During the ongoing fight between a pro-democracy movement in Hong Kong and the communist regime in Beijing, pro-China forces have repeatedly attempted to quash any and all demonstrations by those who would question Chinese governance in the region.

A new video from the Twitter account — Things China Doesn't Want You To Know (@TruthAbtChina) — shows security guards dragging pro-democracy lawmakers from the chamber of the Hong Kong legislature.

The fight, according to the BBC, was over a bill that would criminalize disrespect of the Chinese national anthem. The scrape in the chamber came as legislators fought over who would lead a committee that was key to how the bill would progress through the Legislative Council, the BBC said.

According to the outlet, the security team's move came as the body fought over who would serve as chairman of the committee.

More from the BBC:

The Legislative Council was in dispute over who should run the house committee, which scrutinises bills and decides when they are voted on.

Last week, the council president appointed Chan Kin-por, a pro-Beijing lawmaker, to oversee the election of a new leader.

On Monday - before the Legislative Council began - Mr Chan was in the chairman's seat, surrounded by more than 20 security guards.

As pro-democracy lawmakers entered the room, they tried to reach the seat, but were stopped by the guards.

The New York Times reported that one pro-democracy leader, Lam Cheuk Ting, was seen ripping out pages from the body's rule book and scattering them into the scuffle while other members yelled that "Chan and the pro-Beijing camp had improperly seized power over the committee."

The @TruthAbtChina account said that following the removal of at least nine pro-democracy lawmakers, a pro-communist member was unanimously elected.

"Security guards drag several pro-democracy lawmakers from the Hong Kong legislature," the organization tweeted. "After 9+ pro-democracy lawmakers are forcibly removed, the vote procedes. Pro-communist Starry Lee is unanimously elected as chairperson."

The "illegal vote," the group said, was facilitated by a security crew that held the chamber doors shut after the pro-democracy officials had been removed. The lawmakers can reportedly be heard banging on the doors that are being braced shut.

"Pro-Beijing security guards hold the doors shut as the illegal vote continues and pro-democracy lawmakers bang on the doors from the outside," the organization tweeted.

The pro-Beijing leadership of Hong Kong has been cracking down on many voices of dissent against ChiCom rule. Just last month, Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam used the coronavirus quarantine to arrest democracy advocates.

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