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VIDEO: Passengers take cover as softball-sized hail crashes through car windows and damages vehicles

Image Source: CTV YouTube video screenshot composite

Shocking video captured the moment passengers took cover inside a car that was being pummeled by massive chunks of hail that broke windows and damaged numerous vehicles.

The startling incident unfolded on Monday when a storm swept through Alberta, Canada.

Gibran Marquez was caught in the storm with his friends and recounted the harrowing incident.

"Things started moving faster, the sky started getting darker. What made us pull over though, was one ball of hail that was half the size of my head," said Marquez.

“Give or take two minutes, all the windows are gone in the vehicle,” he said. “I’m looking at the speed of these balls, and one of them will knock you right out or even kill you, like they were coming in fast.”

Marquez posted a video to social media showing him and his friends taking cover while windows shattered around them and loud thunks could be heard on the roof of their car.

Matt Berry was returning from playing golf when he went through the same storm.

“I’ve never been in a war, I don’t pretend to know what a war sounds like, but inside the car, it sounded like bombs were hitting the top of my car,” Berry said. “And as my windshield started concaving and smashing, I kind of just ducked and covered.”

He posted photographs of the damage to his car to social media.

Marquez said he suffered a mild concussion from the incident but that no one else was seriously hurt.

CTV News reported that some estimates put the cost of the damages to property into the millions.

Here's another video of the damage:

Terrifying hail storm causes millions in damages in Alta. www.youtube.com

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