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Virginia Democrat embarrasses himself while trying to define assault weapons at town hall​


And he wants to write gun laws?

Virginia Del. Mark Levine (D). (Image source: YouTube video screenshot)

Virginia Democratic Del. Mark Levine held a town hall last weekend, during which he was asked to define what guns he was seeking to outlaw with a proposed assault weapons ban. His answer had audience members laughing at his obvious lack of knowledge about firearms, according to the Washington Examiner.

Levine said his legislation was aimed specifically at reducing the frequency of mass shootings. Hunters, Levine said, prefer to use bolt action rifles. People who simply want a gun for self-defense should prefer a shotgun or a pistol. So he's not attempting to ban those.

"Mass shooters use guns that go like this," Levine said, as he waved an imaginary gun back and forth, spraying pretend bullets like an action movie hero. "Guns that go like this are widely inaccurate, that's why hunters don't like them. Mass shooters do like them."

In explaining the difference between the assault weapons he wants to ban and the guns he wants to allow, Levine said it's all about how you hold the weapon.

"in terms of the differences of the guns, the heart of the difference is how you hold the gun," Levine said. "It makes it a semi-automatic. Meaning you can shoot with each finger, not like a bolt action where you have to kick out the cartridges, it has to be a semi-automatic. And must contain one of these 'weapons of war' type features. Things like a pistol grip, things like a flash suppressor...things like a silencer..."

Gun owners mocked Levine's explanation, and used it to show that lawmakers seeking to ban firearms have very little knowledge about them.

"He knows nothing about what he's trying to ban," said Erich Pratt, senior VP of Gun Owners of America. "Obviously, he's watched too many movies."

Levine introduced his assault weapon ban, Virginia House Bill 961, to the Legislature this month, one of many gun control bills Democrats have proposed since taking full control over the state government.

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