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Pediatrician tells Matt Walsh 'your sperm don't make you male,' 'wonderful' puberty blockers are 'completely reversible' in 'What Is a Woman?' documentary

Image source: Daily Mail video screenshot, composite

In Matt Walsh's just-released documentary "What Is a Woman?" the Daily Wire commentator interviewed a pediatrician who made a number of eye-opening claims, including that sperm production doesn't make a person "male" and that puberty blockers are "completely reversible."

What are the details?

In one clip from the documentary, Walsh asked Dr. Michelle Forcier at what age transitions take place using medication — and she replied that "medical affirmation begins when the patient says they're ready for it. So, that could be a kiddo who is just starting puberty and panicking 'cause they're getting breast buds, or their penis is getting bigger and busier, and they're worried about all kinds of masculine changes."

Forcier added that puberty blockers are "wonderful" because they're "completely reversible" and "don't have permanent effects."

In fact, it's not unlike listening to Taylor Swift's latest pop masterpiece.

"We can put that pause on puberty, just like if you're listening to music," she continued. "You put the pause on, and we stop the blockers, and puberty would go right back to where it was — the next note in the song — just delayed that period of time."

Hold on a sec ...

The clip shifts to Walsh's interviews with two individuals the Daily Mail identified as Scott Newgent, a transgender man, and Dr. Miriam Grossman, an adult and adolescent psychiatrist. They both took issue with puberty blockers.

When Walsh repeated Forcier's claim that puberty can be safely paused and picked back up again in the future, Newgent declared it isn't true: "How many studies do they have, long-term studies, on hormone blockers for children? None!"

Grossman told Walsh she "spoke a month ago with a mother whose 14-year-old daughter was put on blockers. They discovered after two years, this 14-year-old girl has osteoporosis. That's something that, like, old women get."

She added, "How can they be removing the healthy breasts of 15-year-old girls? How can they be sterilizing kids? How can this whole thing be happening, Matt?"

'Your sperm don't make you male'

In another clip featuring more of Walsh's interview with Forcier, she declared to him that "your sperm don't make you male."

"The what does?" the Daily Wire commentator replied.

That's when things got even weirder.

"It's a constellation," Forcier answered.

"In reality, in truth —" Walsh responded, attempting to bring things back to Earth.

"Whose truth are we talking about?" the good doctor asked.

"The same truth that says we're sitting in this room right now, you and I," Walsh answered.

That elicited a broad, all-knowing smile on Forcier's face, as if she were speaking to one of her prepubescent patients who hasn't been around long enough to acquire her smarts: "No, you're not listening."

Walsh tried another approach.

"If I see a chicken laying eggs, and I say, 'That's a female chicken laying eggs,' did I assign 'female'? Or am I just observing a physical reality that's happening in the world?" he asked Forcier.

She answered Walsh's question with another one: "Does a chicken have gender identity? Does a chicken cry? Does a chicken commit suicide?"

He continued to try reason and logic: "A chicken has sex like any biological organism."

"A chicken has an assigned gender, but a chicken doesn't have a gender identity," Forcier declared.

"So we assign 'female' to chickens when they lay eggs?" Walsh asked.

"We assume they're female if they lay eggs," Forcier answered.

Here's the clip. Have fun!

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