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WATCH: Actress goes off on Harvey Weinstein in a blazing rant. He was seated just feet away.


Incredible footage in New York City

Image source: Facebook video screenshot

Actress Zoe Stuckless lost it on embattled film producer Harvey Weinstein during an event they both attended Thursday night in New York City.

Video of the incident, which took place at a private, ticketed "speakeasy for artists" fundraiser event went viral shortly after the interaction.

What are the details?

In the video, Stuckless can be seen gesturing at Weinstein, who was seated in a private booth with his entourage, screaming, "Nobody's gonna say anything? Nobody's really gonna say anything?"

“I'm going to stand four feet from a f***ing rapist? And nobody's going to say anything?" Stuckless shouted.

Earlier in the evening, female comic Kelly Bachman acknowledged Weinstein's presence, calling him "Freddy Krueger."

During her bit, she asked, "Can we address the elephant in the room?" While several people booed Bachman after she called out Weinstein's presence at the event, a chorus of women can be heard clapping and shouting their support for her remarks.

Stuckless said that she later witnessed Bachman and Weinstein politely interacting, which greatly upset her.

"At that point, I can feel shame and anger and fear bubbling in my stomach," she admitted. “I was still waiting and hoping someone else would say something, that the organizers would say something, one of the performers, and nobody did."

After her outburst, she was escorted out.

Event organizer Alexandra Laliberte issued a statement about the gathering, insisting that Weinstein was "not invited by the organizer or anyone associated with this organization."

In a statement, Weinstein said, "I am happy to address anyone's questions We should all be offered the same courtesy to voice opinions and be heard, and to even get answers. I am glad we all still have these rights."

Weinstein's rep said the scene was "uncalled for, downright rude, and an example of how due process today is being squashed by the public, trying to take it away in the courtroom, too."

(Content warning: Rough language):

Accuser Rose McGowan speaks to TheBlaze

Actress and activist Rose McGowan filed a lawsuit against Weinstein and his previous legal team on Wednesday, insisting that the group was attempting to silence her.

Gowan, one of the most important and prominent voices in the movement against Weinstein, publicly accused the film producer of rape. She is as one of at least 80 female accusers alleging that Weinstein abused them during their time in Hollywood.

In a statement, Weinstein's legal team said that McGowan's lawsuit against the disgraced producer was baseless.

McGowan, in an exclusive statement, told TheBlaze that "truth has never been their forté."

"The good news is that people are now seeing through their old-fashioned smear tactics," she said. "A greedy attention seeker, TERF, whore, crazy druggie ... that's what they love to say about me."

"They are so lame," the award-winning actress and best-selling novelist concluded, "it's hard to put it into words."

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