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VIDEO: White leftist militants actually block black woman from driving through Portland street. It gets ugly fast.


'You're setting fires in the streets? No, that's violence! That's violent! Get out of my way!'

Image source: Twitter video screenshot via @BGOnTheScene, composite

If you were wondering how blindly radical the leftist militants are who've been wreaking havoc and mayhem in Portland for the past three months, a confrontation with a black woman motorist Monday night just may answer that for you.

What are the details?

In a video, a group of white people defiantly stand in front of a truck and won't let it pass. We've seen this petty stuff many times before. The difference here is that the motorist they're blocking is a black woman.

Image source: Twitter video screenshot via @BGOnTheScene

At best one might say such an astonishing show of force demonstrates how seriously they take their cause, as the core of it supposedly is standing up for black people they say are oppressed by police — and yet they refuse to let someone they say they're fighting for drive down a street.

'That's violent!'

As you can probably guess, the driver isn't happy.

"Get out of the way!" she hollers at them from the driver's seat. "Because you killed my brother, move!" The clip doesn't shed light on the latter claim, but it sure demonstrates her adversaries' collective ignorance.

Image source: Twitter video screenshot via @BGOnTheScene

Defiant voices shoot right back at her. "You're gonna go backward!" one barks. "Turn around!" another yells.

She blasts them again: 'You're setting fires in the streets? No, that's violence! That's violent! Get out of my way!"

"I think you don't know what you're talking about!" a male voice can be heard arguing back with her.

Soon the woman dares the the militants to do damage to neighboring communities like they've done to Portland. "Get your ass away from here!" she yells at them, adding "now they see how ignorant this looks ... you don't want no race war out here!"

A black man who's with the leftists moves in and appears to try to calm the situation as the woman driver accuses someone in the group of calling her the N-word — which they deny.

Image source: Twitter video screenshot via @BGOnTheScene

"Stop pushing us with your car!" one male hollers at her as they place their bodies in front of the truck's bumper.

'You'd be rammed the f*** over!'

The furious woman then exits her truck and gives the ignorant leftists a wake up call: "If I was pushing you with my car, you'd be rammed the f*** over!"

Image source: Twitter video screenshot via @BGOnTheScene

At this point, the black man who's with the leftists orders his comrades to shut up and move: "We need to get this woman out of here safely!"

Here's the clip. (Content warning: Language, racial slurs):

A follow-up clip shows that the crowd eventually parted and let the woman drive through. "Make a hole!" they repeatedly yell, as the woman slowly drives through and a couple of leftists escort her away.

Black Lives Matter, eh?

Some observers took note of the scene's pitiful irony:

  • "A group of privileged white people are physically preventing a black woman from driving through, to protest the fact that everyone else is figuratively oppressing her," one commenter wrote. "I honestly cannot think of a better representation of the Left."
  • "White people literally preventing a black woman from legally driving on a street," another commenter said. "You cannot make this stuff up."
  • "Portland, a tragically boring, dreary city of wealthy white folks on the West Coast, displays a moment of stunning confusion in their never ending struggle to be hip," another observer quips. "Better go back and study the PowerPoint to clarify things."
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