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Whoopi Goldberg declares Kyle Rittenhouse committed 'murder' despite not-guilty verdict, defends Anthony Huber who 'wasn't doing anything'

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The co-hosts of "The View" like clockwork Monday jumped on the leftist bandwagon to canonize Joseph Rosenbaum, Anthony Huber, and Gaige Grosskreutz, the less-than-savory individuals who attacked Kyle Rittenhouse in Kenosha, Wisconsin, in August 2020 — and they also ripped Rittenhouse as a murderer despite a jury agreeing that he acted in self-defense when he fatally shot Rosenbaum and Huber and wounded Grosskreutz.

What are the details?

Co-host Whoopi Goldberg, as you might expect, wasn't having Rittenhouse's not-guilty verdict.

She began her soliloquy by playing a clip of Huber's father on CNN holding what appeared to be an urn containing his son's ashes and railing against Rittenhouse going free and being called a "hero."

Goldberg — who described Huber as "one of the young men shot and killed by Rittenhouse" — after the CNN clip insisted Huber "wasn't doing anything" and that he was going after who he figured was "an active shooter."

'To me it's murder'

"He saw someone get shot. He thought he was doing the right thing," Goldberg added. "So ... even all the excuses in the world does not change the fact that three people got shot. Two people were murdered. To me it's murder. I'm sorry."

Despite video evidence that Huber smashed his skateboard against Rittenhouse's head and tried to take his gun — and a jury saying Rittenhouse was not guilty for fatally shooting Huber in the wake of the attack.

'Victim character assassination'

On cue, co-host Sunny Hostin decried what she saw as "victim character assassination" against Rosenbaum, Huber, and Grosskreutz.

"Rittenhouse didn't know the background of those guys," she said. "He didn't know that one, uh, you know, may have molested a child. Or another one had mental issues."

Image source: YouTube screenshot

Wait. Back up. Did you catch those key words — "may have"?

Hostin — who's an attorney, no less — for some reason didn't know Rosenbaum alone had mental issues and was convicted and served time for child molestation. There is no "may have" about it.

She also criticized Rittenhouse for being in Kenosha that night "to protect property — as if property is more important than life." Fortunately for Sunny, it wasn't her property or lifetime of efforts getting torched.

Indeed, prior to Goldberg's pronouncements, Hostin rather dismissively mentioned that in Kenosha "there was a very small group of folks" — yes, "folks" — "that, you know, burned down some buildings, ransacked some stores." No biggie to her, it seemed.

What are the odds?

Here's a question that hasn't seemed to have entered the heads of our friends at "The View" while they defend Rosenbaum, Huber, and Grosskruetz.

What are the odds that all three of them — who attacked and then were shot by Rittenhouse — have criminal records? And in the cases of Rosenbaum and Huber, some pretty vile stuff?

Oh, and what about the previously unidentified man who took aim at Rittenhouse's head with a jump kick before escaping into the night unscathed? Yup, not unlike his aforementioned comrades, Maurice Freeland hit the streets of Kenosha that night with an extensive criminal record.

When one considers the radical leftist mob they all ran with that night, one might conclude that the odds of past criminal behavior by Rosenbaum, Huber, and Grosskruetz (and Freeland) is pretty high, indeed.

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