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Media in overdrive to label 2016 Ukrainian election interference as ‘conspiracy theory’


Maybe Russia and Ukraine both interfered

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The media have bought the left's narrative of what happened in the 2016 election — hook, line, and sinker. Anybody in the public square who does their own research, uncovers facts that undermine the narrative, or publicly declares an unwillingness to accept it shall be scorned. The latest media target is Republican Sen. John Kennedy of Louisiana.

On Monday, CNN tried to take Kennedy to the woodshed over his comments on NBC's "Meet the Press" about Ukrainian government support for Hillary Clinton in 2016. Here's how NewsBusters explained it:

Let's look at a few examples. On At This Hour, host Kate Bolduan allowed Congressman and fellow liberal John Yarmuth (D-KY) to falsely claim that, regarding attempts by Ukrainian officials to express support of Hillary Clinton in 2016, Kennedy "was bringing up magazine stories yesterday that apparently don't exist."

Andrea Mitchell can say otherwise, but the facts laid out by The Federalist's Chrissy Clark are real articles with real claims about Ukrainians wanting Hillary Clinton to win (including that infamous Politico item).

CNN kept going. According to NewsBusters, the chyron used under its reporting said that Kennedy was "spread[ing] debunked conspiracy theory that benefits Russia." CNN continued that Republicans were trying to shift blame to Ukraine from Russia.

CNN senior political commentator and Obama administration alum David Axelrod even said, "The other person who's very happy with it is Vladimir Putin, of course, who would love to see the blame for what happened here in 2016 shift to the Ukrainians."

Memo to CNN et al.: Both can be true. The Russians could have interfered in the election to sow discord in the United States, and Ukrainian officials could have interfered and been openly rooting for Hillary Clinton. Those two things can both exist.

Glenn Beck and his team have extensively researched what went on in Ukraine in 2016. They have copious notes and have shared them with the public. The media just aren't intellectually curious enough to follow facts where they lead. They've tried to paint anyone affiliated with Beck as spouting "conspiracy theories," including a former Boston-based journalist who tried it on me.

The media has the narrative, and woe those who stray.

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