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Words That Have Destroyed America


There is one phrase that is spoken in America every day by politicians and the media and I believe its real meaning goes against the very essence of the values America was founded on.


America, your culture and society have problems today. Some of those problems are visible for all to see, like debt, poverty and employment opportunities. But other problems are hidden and rarely talked about.

One of those hidden problems that you rarely speak of (and some have actually accepted) is that your language has been bastardized, and certain words have become commonplace in your society.

There is one phrase that is spoken in America every day and, as someone who lives in the utopia of Ireland and Europe, it makes me cringe how this word has taken root in your culture, because I believe its real meaning goes against the very essence of the values America was founded upon. This phrase is used by everyone from the Socialist Bernie Saunders to modern Republicans Mitt Romney -- even Conservatives like Mike Lee use this phrase. This phrase is used daily countless times by the news media and comes up in most people's everyday lives. The word I feel that has helped destroy America is “Middle Class."

Let me explain why.

Pure and simple this phrase is a Socialist/Communist term straight out of the Marxist play book. This phrase today is not only accepted by the vast majority, but some actually consider it some sort of compliment to be a part of it. How many of your friends and family today proudly say they are members of the middle class? How much time in every election is spent talking about the middle class?

Example of Middle Class

Before we explore why this word is dangerous, we must first analyze the criteria of how to belong to the middle class. Let me give you the example of two very different individuals:

Person A is under 30, single, lives in a metropolitan area like New York City, is an atheist, drinks several times a week, occasionally smokes weed, believes in climate change and gun control. This person works as a legal secretary and earns around $75,000 per year.

Person B is mid-thirties, married with two kids, lives in a rural town, very involved in their church and goes to services several times a week, rarely goes out, does not drink, has never done drugs; the family home schools their kids, and everyone in the family is a member of the NRA. This person works in agriculture, and the family earns $55,000 per year.

Middle Class and Marxism

I think it would be safe to say these two people have very, very little in common. Yet today in American society both would be considered middle class. So how is this possible? The answer is because the middle class has become the modern-day term replacing the Marxist one from the past. Marxism believes in a three class system -- the bourgeoisie (the company owner who's rich -- we hate those people), the proletariat (the workers) and the lumpen-proletariat (everyone else in society, like those who cannot work and criminals).

Using the term “middle class" is troubling enough, but today in America, politicians and others use it the exact same way Karl Marx spoke about in “The Communist Manifesto." Karl Marx's last words in his manifesto were “workers of the world, unite!" -- and today politicians speak about a strong and healthy middle class. This should scare every American who is awake -- yet no one seems to notice it or tries to stop it.

Why Middle Class Goes Against American Values

So now that I have told you a brief history of the word, please let me try to explain briefly why I believe it has helped destroy America.

There are two main reasons. The first one is straight-forward. One of the most popular words used (and misused) today when seeking social justice is equality. Politicians use it, agitators like Al Sharpton use it, and your Founders used it when they wrote in your Declaration of Independence that “all men are created equal." If you believe in true equality, then how can you turn around and believe in a class system -- let alone one that is publicly prioritized all the time? Why do you accept when society prioritizes one segment of society over another?

The American Dream

The second reason: I believe the term middle class and everything it means goes against one of the things that has made America the greatest country in the world, and it can help your nation prosper like never before. This is something everyone around the world knows about America, especially people like me who have a lifelong ambition to become an American citizen (legally):

Everyone knows about the American Dream and that America is the land of opportunity.

I have yet to hear about the Irish Dream or the Russian Dream or the Chinese Dream, but even people who have never thought of moving know about the American Dream. But what is the American Dream?

I believe the American Dream is different for everyone, but the foundation of it is that you can achieve anything you put your mind to. It is the powerful idea that if you work hard and/or have a great idea, you can become successful in America --and potentially very wealthy. There is no class limitation, no social structures; your education, your family background, your sex are irrelevant and will not stop you in America.

The American Dream is so powerful that Emma Lazarus wrote a poem where she openly mocked other countries' societies when she wrote, “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses," because she knew that anything was possible in America. I would testify to anyone anywhere that any person can achieve more in America when they are free than they can anywhere else in the world. This is just one of the many reasons that make America an exceptional nation.

Today's American Dream

However, today with so much focus on making the middle class stronger and healthier, it looks like your American Dream has changed to be average, middle of the road. Don't dare to try to change the world, don't ever want to be rich, and no matter what, don't dare to be a leader. Why? Because we all hate the rich, we all hate the powerful, we all hate “The Man." Moreover, we not only hate them, we do everything in our power to bring these people down, regardless of what they stand for.

What is the Answer?

America, the choice facing you is very clear. You can continue believing in things like the middle class and politicians talking about making it grow -- and, thus, continue your long fall from grace into mediocrity, following the rest of the world towards more and more tyranny.

Or you can wake up, puff out your chest, forget all this class-system crap, forget about being average and middle of the road, and remember what is important. You can remember that you are Americans, and you can remember that a free person has no limitations apart from the ones they put on themselves.

I know many say it is too late or that this battle is impossible -- but I believe in America. I know you changed the course of history at your founding, and I don't see why it is such a radical, stupid thought to think you can change yourselves and the world once again. The power is still in your hands. God Bless.

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