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Correspondents' dinner host skewers CNN — and the crowd loved it

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The annual White House Correspondents' Association dinner occurred this past Saturday. Today on "Pure Opelka," Mike Opelka shared some of the highlights from the event, including Hasan Minhaj's roast of cable news network CNN.

Jokes about President Donald Trump (who declined to attend) and Fox News fell somewhat flat, but quips about MSNBC and CNN were met with surprisingly enthusiastic laughter. Minhaj, a "Daily Show with Trevor Noah" correspondent, did not pull punches with the oldest 24 hour cable news outlet.

"All you guys do is stoke up conflict," Minhaj began. He said "CNN Tonight" should just be called "Wait a Second. Now Hold On! Stop Yelling at Each Other! With Don Lemon."

He also accused CNN of  "assigning [him] homework," noting the network's tendency to pose questions to the audience and asking them to tweet responses. "No, you tell me!" Minhaj jokingly implored. "It feels like I'm watching CNN watch the news."

When CNN does end up actually delivering information, the comedian took aim at their breathless reporting. "It feels like a little kid just ran into the room and is trying to tell you a story." He then gasped out, "There's a wall! Paul Ryan!" Minhaj then advised "Breathe, take a minute, drink some milk. Then tell us the story, Wolf!

Mike observed that when the camera panned to Wolf Blitzer, he appeared to be making expressions "somewhere between a scowl and a tolerant eye roll."

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