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Glenn: America hasn’t had a free market in at least 100 years

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Glenn Beck opened up the floor to TheBlaze’s audience for a special show on Wednesday featuring comments and calls from people around the country.

As the health care debate further divides America, people trying to find common ground are fighting a hard battle. TheBlaze audience member Kimberly wanted to know why people who want vengeance are given a platform instead of those who are working to build bridges.

Glenn wondered if we as a country are heading for a “giant reset” as health care costs skyrocket and burdensome regulations crush small businesses and anyone trying to get ahead.

Gordon, a caller who lives in New York state, talked to Glenn about the unnecessary regulations and high taxes that have made it almost impossible for his family to keep surviving.

“We’re being crushed here in New York state,” he said.

Anyone who wants to build a small business, own a home or save money is in trouble thanks to crushing property and school taxes, Gordon explained. He shared the list of various licenses he’s needed to obtain for his business, including for something as simple as selling cheese he purchased from local dairy farmers.

“We haven’t had a free market system for a hundred years,” Glenn said.

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